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A New BMW for £ 5 or the Secret of Aictionair.co.uk

By |November 6th, 2014
A New BMW for £ 5 or the Secret of Aictionair.co.uk

There is no doubt that wandering across the web in search of the most successful online auctions will definitely lead to the Auctionair.co.uk cozy website. Continuing the series of articles on the most popular auctions and marketplaces in the world we present the second story devoted to this British project.

Auctionair.co.uk is an online auction of UK origin that was founded in 2001 by international content marketing agency Spafax founder Duncan Hilleary and Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Albert Scardino as an experimental project for British Airways, aiming to provide entertainment and retail opportunities for passengers while they are flying to different destinations. Since that time it has evolved into a huge project involving 3 types of online auctions: High Bid Auction, the Lowest Unique Bid Auction and a Sealed-Bid Auction (or Blind Auction). Auctionair is currently funded by private investors.

What is the key to success?

The secret of popularity of this auction is the accurate ability of the founders to connect special sort of customers and carefully selected suppliers. Positioning the auction as an entertaining way to get exceptional prices, Auctionair owners created a strong community of “discerning customers whom hand-picked suppliers are desperate to attract”.

The designed business model alters the connection between suppliers and consumers for the benefit of both. Consumers pay an entry fee and can then name their own price in an entertaining environment without being bound to their offer. Suppliers, in their turn, gain promotion and can also dispose of excess inventory discreetly without undermining published rates.

Auctionair suppliers include Taj Hotels & Resorts, Orient Express, Abercrombie and Kent, Small Luxury Hotels, Sofitel, Swissotel, Sony, Dunhill, Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Ducati, Apple, MG and Sir Hans Sloane Chocolates.

Auctionair also deploys its technology as co-brand partner for The Financial Times, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Button Club, Small Luxury Hotels, Ink Publishing and several charities.

With Auctionair one can win for 5-25 pounds various things including vouchers for luxury resorts, cruises, recent technical innovations, jewelry and accessories from famous designers.

The most sensational action on Auctionair is a sale of twenty new BMW Mini Coopers at the average price of 62 pounds apiece. With that, one of the cars was sold for £ 5. Not at a loss, even this way the auction earned more than 10 thousand pounds form one car.

The project has a very good reputation. It is completely transparent and donates part of the proceeds to charity.

The company conducts joint auctions with many British charity organizations and gives them a part of their income. Among Auctionair partners are:

  • The British Red Cross
  • Sightsavers International (Aid to the blind in developing countries, the fight against diseases that cause blindness)
  • British Legion (The Royal British Legion – relief fund for former and current military royal armed forces and their families, veterans, the disabled, families and friends of the victims)
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care
  • Save The Rhino (rhino populations Rescue Fund)

This greatly improves the image of the project, this auction is trusted by many people all over the world.

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