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Best Ecommerce Tips and Tricks for Holiday Time

By |December 9th, 2014

In the wake of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday it’s already possible to make conclusion that year from year these two days start to lose their spirit and mojo. The proofs for these facts are obvious – Black Friday starts a week before Thanksgiving and extends over the Cyber Monday. People get more fatigue from shopping than fun and joy.

That’s why it’s extremely important to utilize the online instruments which help not only to retain your old customers but also to attract many more new loyal ones.

  1. Just use your website.

  • First of all think of a mobile version of your website. Having an adaptive version for mobile devices and tablets is not even a tool but a necessity. Moreover experts say that by next year mobile traffic will likely represent a majority in ecommerce.
  • Use your homepage in a different way – make it focused the way to point at the needed products.
  • And of course, use some garnishments: freshen up your logo with holiday theme things, and play with your buttons design – make it reflect your brand.
  1. The second package is all about shipping.

  • Make special presents for last-minute shoppers and organize prompt deliveries, make them happy.
  • Check your delivery providers for special offers and hurry up to show them to your customers.
  • Revise your packages sizes, use the smallest packages, but be sure that the product won’t be damaged.
  • Get instant alerts on delays: Most shipping providers offer a way for you to subscribe to an email list for notification of any weather delays that affect the delivery of your items. Sign up for these notifications to make any required adjustments on your schedule before it’s too late.
  • Offer free stuff – free return shipping and don’t forget about National Free Shipping Day – it’s a secret trick to be a way out ahead of your competitors.
  1. Merchandise

  • Jazz up your products descriptions; make them more appealing to your customers.
  • Combine related products and offer product packages to your customers by special prices.
  • Make it personal and allow your customers to give a personal touch to their purchases. It may include personal notes at the checkout.
  1. Promotions and Discounts

  • Offer many small pleasant things. For example make a rule to always give something back (donate some money to charity with every purchase).
  • Encourage big purchases with bonus gift cards.
  • Offer gift wrapping and put shoppers on the hunt – for example, make a game to find a logo or a picture on the pages with a pleasant reward for this.
  • Create a promotion calendar and put it everywhere to make your customers be aware about your future actions.
  1. Email marketing

    It still works at the holiday time. Send emails about your discounts early and often, grow your contact list and don’t forget to follow-up.

  1. Social interactions

    Upgrade your PPC campaign, optimize your landing pages.

  • Hire a SEO specialist who will put you up to the highest Google ranks. And don’t underestimate SMM – viral methods still work.
  1. Software tips.

Try any of the mentioned below and implement it which is especially easy with Merkeleon software:

  • be prepared for phone orders – use thorough analytic to know where are your customers came from.
  • don’t show out of stock products – create an image of the seller that always is busy
  • enable custom fields (for example, engraving) – additional services are always pleasant for customers.
  • give the customers the chance to share – use the social networks, it will help you to be aware what is going on with your neighbor.

But apart from mentioned above don’t forget to actually sell your products. And Merkeleon would be glad to help you in bringing this to life by developing impeccable software design by special requirements.

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