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Meet DACO, a provider of blockchain solutions for charity

By |December 20th, 2018
Meet DACO, a provider of blockchain solutions for charity

DACO is the first charity company Merkeleon had an opportunity to cooperate with. The two companies have common values, they share the same work ethics and social responsibility, thus a story of the partnership started in August. Daco, a promising startup, needed a stable software on the roadmap.

Merkeleon supplied DACO a marketplace software, online auction software and cryptoprocessing engine. That allowed charity funds raise money in a cryptocurrency. The process of fundraising is transparent; thus the help goes directly to donors or hospitals.

We spoke with the DACO co-founder, Igor Ermushkov on the partnership with Merkeleon.

DACO is a Blockchain project for charity. DACO (Decentralized Autonomous Charity Organisation) has the potential to become a worldwide project, hence we are in need of publicity. We came up with an idea that the fundraising process for donors is inefficient. Donors don’t have control over fundraising and can’t access collected funds. We decided that fundraising in cryptocurrencies will make the processes more transparent, according to the main principle of crypto – transparency. The second goal of DACO is to make donors trust NGO. 47% of donors trust Non-government organizations, so there is plenty of time to work on that.

In 2017 DACO received an important award in an international hackathon. That helped to find the first partner. Now we have got 3 partners from Belarus and one from Guatemala. In addition to this, we are planning to develop a solution for a well-known company, so we’re putting much hope on this project.

In August 2018 we decided to integrate a cryptoprocessing gateway.  DACO needed a reliable software vendor with a professional team, that shares our values. I can’t say how much exactly it took to find a vendor, by the entire staff, liked the idea to cooperate with Merkeleon. In a short time, we organized a meeting to discuss the first actions. We started with a Demo launch. It took us 4 months to be ready to use it.

Afterwards, we started the integration. The process itself was really smooth, both DACO and Merkeleon teams cooperated very closely. The integration was important so, we were working almost every day, and the Merkeleon support team was always online.

The whole process was conducted by myself, and Merkeleon Sales & Development lead Alexey Sidorowich. Without him and DACO/ Merkeleon teams it wouldn’t have been possible.  Also, I would like to mention the work done by our developer Mikhail Slobodich, whose effort was extremely beneficial for DACO and Merkeleon. Our partners acted in a very professional way and we see the company as a very respectful one.

Our vision

Our future plans are to change the way the charity goes online and offline. Most importantly, DACO wants to change the way donors control and use the funds. I hope our cooperation will not stop and our path will cross in the future.

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