Merkeleon Platform Advantages

Merkeleon Platform Advantages

By |August 26th, 2014

Merkeleon is the leader in marketplace and online auction market – the first company to build a strong scalable platform for launching both online auction and marketplace for companies pursuing a new modern trade model. Moving to this model – whether it is a stage of evolution or just a different move to freshen up the business – enables to increase the number of clients and money balance growth. Designed for all kinds of businesses, Merkeleon platform is made to give the clarity, control and wide opportunities for online auction or marketplace. The platform is built to give full control over users, content, product, finances, front/backend, social features, and marketing.

Below there is a list of Merkeleon platform advantages that will help to get acquainted with the best solution on the market and make a reasonable choice in the ocean of other various offers.

Clear structure, complete flexibility, easy customization

The system has been initially designed in such a way which allows integrating additional components and implementing changes without any impact on the system architecture. Our experience shows that successful auction projects are distinguished by unique functionality and an individual design. The flexibility of Merkeleon system allows development and integration of any additional features on top of the platform and secondly enables economically reasonable implementation. Moreover the whole process is simple due to the clear platform structure. Most importantly, average time for integrating a unique system design is 1 to 3 business days.

Reliable system architecture.

Merkeleon is built in such a way that the system is resistant to all external factors including possible hacker attacks. The systems we have deployed have survived several Ddos type attacks and proved to be impenetrable against other attacks where hackers attempted to get access to the payment systems. Merkeleon is also protected against SQL- injections. These security properties are especially critical for the systems with a heavy traffic and large turnover.

System load sustainability

Merkeleon system platform does not require advanced hosting setup and at the same time utilizes network and platform resources reasonably. The system is guaranteed to support a million of concurrent users when installed on the recommended hardware. The server optimization for the entire Merkeleon system is based on the expertise gained with development of Penny type auctions – most demanding in terms of load management.


Merkeleon system is built with a modular approach where the core (engine) and modules are acting as one environment. Modularity allows switching on or off any parts of the already deployed solution. In this way the modular system is much more flexible than the static one.


Merkeleon system is fully scalable. It has a built-in load balancing function that can distribute traffic to multiple servers. Load balancing can be performed while the application is in production.

Rich experience online auctions

Merkeleon auction platform has been developed since 2008. Since then it has been specializing on online auctions. Today the platform offers all main types of auctions that exist today. Classic, Dutch, Reveal and Unique Bid are some of them. Providing a variety of online auctions backed up by rich experience gives the opportunity to adapt the platform to any business model and target any audience.

Multiple choice

Merkeleon platform is so flexible that we can offer two different solutions in one for our clients. Whether there is a need to launch an online auction or marketplace or implement an auction into the marketplace. Almost all variable options are possible with the platform.

No royalty fees and fair open prices

Merkeleon software has never concealed its prices. All of them are available in details at our website. There is a usual practice in online business when software providers take royalty fees for using their software. We consider it inappropriate for our platform. All our policies are fair and open for our customers.

Mixed auction opportunity

Some clients need to open Dutch auctions, some prefer Classic option, and some prefer marketplaces. But very often there is a need to combine several types of auctions in one. In such cases Merkeleon platform has an offer of Mixed auction. It means we add several auction modules to Merkeleon core. And the same product can be put into various auction types.

Free updates

We believe that in the era of international technologies high speed development there is a vital importance to keep software updated. We care about our clients – working with our company means you get all the updates free of charge.

Simple usage

One doesn’t need to study manuals for hours to manage our platform. Administrative panel management is accessible and easy to understand. Nothing prevents you from smooth managing your auction or marketplace.

Over the past years it has become evident that the above mentioned advantages position Merkeleon as a leader across similar systems that are often outdated and no longer able to satisfy modern market requirements and clients’ needs.

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