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Merkeleon releases Agrodiskont mobile app

By |February 23rd, 2017
Mobile bidding app integrated with the online marketplace

We are happy to announce that a new app for (the most innovative online marketplace in agriculture industry in Russia) is released and ready to be used by iOS and Android users! From now on every distributor will be able to make a bid from his mobile device with just one click.

Nowadays the procurement for agricultural users, as well as the selling process for distributors can be a difficult thing, which takes a lot of time and requires serious expenses. The aim of Agrodiskont is to make a procurement procedure go smooth and simple for both buyers and sellers. How can that effect be reached?

After simple registration each farmer can get access to a huge list of distributors and the most complete product range – thus he can be sure to get the most attractive offer.
As Agrodiskont auction platform was gaining more and more popularity the idea of developing the app where distributors would be able to place a bid in simple, intuitive way, appeared. And Merkeleon team has started to work on it eagerly. We were using ReactNative framework which helped us to smoothly combine app’s components written in JavaScript. Every time distributor’s bid is overbidden or it is the beginning of a new auction – he gets push-notifications, this way he is constantly been posted and gets higher chances to make a winning offer. By downloading this app agricultural distributors can enjoy a brand new experience of making bids. It has clear design, smart but simple structure which makes the app so handy!

To see how the app works in real time please use the following link:

  • If you are an iOS user please click here.

Merkeleon is proud of Agrodiskont app release as it brings communications between Russian agricultural users up to the new level. We are now also working on developing mobile apps for other projects and looking forward to present it to our users.
Merkeleon offers its customers the opportunity to develop and helps to publicize mobile apps for not only standard auctions software, but also for trade portals platform, designed according to individual customers’ needs.

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