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New release: stop market and trailing orders/new API features

By |August 1st, 2018
New release: stop market and trailing orders/new API features

This new release absorbed many useful features for trading and the exchanging. We hope that all the new developments and updates will simplify the usage of our exchange platform. Here are the features deserve an honorable mention:

1. Order Book

First things first, we have changed the Order Book widget. Now it displays default functionality and groups of decimals of currency pairs.

2. Candlestick chart

In addition, we have reserved enough space for a Candlestick chart which helps the trader to understand the current situation. Now, this chart is more comfortable to use.

3. History

The ”history” widget has the new bookmark with a Trader’s history.

4. Stop Market Orders

We added a few orders for your happy trading experience. A trader can use Stop Market Orders to save the customer’s profit when the market goes in the opposite direction.

5. Trailing-Stop Order

We have developed Trailing-Stop Order feature for increasing the trader’s profit if he makes the right decision about the market’s trend.

6. New currency

The Merkeleon processing now supports a new currency – Ripple. Here is the link to the official Ripple website:

7. Classic Mode

Classic Mode received an optimized interface for mobile platforms. Now, it is more comfortable to use the exchange with a smartphone.

8. Mobile View

Now the trader can access the exchange with a smartphone in a few seconds.

9. My Trade column (History widget)

My history widget gained some weight, a new column “My trade” has been added. With the help of My trade section, a trader can get an insight into the processes.

10. API Documentation

А new format for API Documentation. If you want to improve the usability by using API, you can get all the APIs information from the document.

11. Ticker API

The new API method – Ticker is now available on the platform. This method helps to get the first orders from the Order Book by the Last Market Price.

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