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New release: support of Indonesian language and improved registration

By |December 12th, 2018

During this Release, we have concentrated on user experience during registration and made some improvements for the registration process. New registration interface is more user-friendly now!
We have also added a new language on the exchange which can possibly mean a new market for you!

The info on Successful Registration:

Immediately after the registration, the user is directed to the page where he sees the info about the Registration and the Confirmation letter (that it was sent to the user by mail, etc).

The info on Registration Confirmation:

After clicking the activation link from the Confirmation letter, the user is directed to the page that confirms successful account activation.
This page allows the user to quickly enter their Personal Account and make a deposit or go to the Trade page.
The new users will not get lost on what to do after the registration is confirmed and they will immediately see what they can do on the exchange!

The Indonesian Language:

The Indonesian language has been added to the exchange which means more market opportunities and a possible growth of your user-base!

Release version of the Exchange Software is shown in the Admin panel:

We have listened to your feedback and noticed that you need to see in the Admin panel the software release version that your exchange has (example: 1,9, 1.10 etc.).
With Release 1.11 this info will be depicted in the footer of the Admin panel.

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