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Merkeleon at the «Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus»

Merkeleon Team took part at the «Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus» presenting «The basics of depositing and withdrawing of Crypto funds online. Risk Minimization and Reduction of the Transactions Costs». 

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Ripple Coin News: Price, Rate & Technology. Is Ripple Worth Investing In 2018?

A lot of common people and professionals involved in Crypto Market are striving for new opportunities to trade and invest. One of the popular cryptos is Ripple coin, but still there are a lot to analyze and to be aware of. We get much information from the blogs, forums, articles and different publications. So what’s […]

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Ethereum – hidden competitor or a different realm?

What is Ethereum? Well, Ethereum is an open software platform based on a blockchain technology for building and deploying decentralized applications. Shortly speaking it is a distributed public blockchain network. In the Ethereum blockchain the miners work on the exploration of Ether, which is some kind of a crypto token that can be compared with […]

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Bitcoin exchange rate will not stop growing. Time for smart investment!

Nowadays the value of the Bitcoin is often compared to gold. The price of that cryptocurrency is going to grow even higher due to the keen interest from big investors. After the Bitcoin rate went over 10 000 USD per 1 BTC price mark – the Bitcoin rate started to fluctuate notably.The Bitcoin rate depends on […]