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Understanding Bitcoin Exchange Rates

When people quote a bitcoin value, they usually refer only to exchange from 1 bitcoin to USD. For the most part, that is the easiest way to understand what a bitcoin, or BTC, is worth. It is not, however, the only terminology to use when discussing the bit coin to USD value. Just like normal […]

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What is the Value of a Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has taken the world by storm, but many people still want to know: what is a bitcoin worth? The answer depends on the day; like any other currency, the current bitcoin value fluctuates depending on the market. To determine when you should buy into bitcoin and when you should sell your assets, it’s […]

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Merkeleon Christmas Announcement

Celebrating Christmas, Mekreleon would like to send warm greetings to those, that have been with us in 2018. Thank you for your trust and desire to carry on the way to success with Merkeleon. Good vibes and Merry Christmas!

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Meet DACO, a provider of blockchain solutions for charity

DACO is the first charity company Merkeleon had an opportunity to cooperate with. The two companies have common values, they share the same work ethics and social responsibility, thus a story of the partnership started in August. Daco, a promising startup, needed a stable software on the roadmap.