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What is the Value of a Bitcoin

By |April 21st, 2019
What is the Value of a Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has taken the world by storm, but many people still want to know: what is a bitcoin worth? The answer depends on the day; like any other currency, the current bitcoin value fluctuates depending on the market. To determine when you should buy into bitcoin and when you should sell your assets, it’s worth examining a bitcoin chart that shows the trends over time. Here is a breakdown of why the bitcoin market sometimes changes so drastically.

Bitcoin Value in US Dollars

Bitcoin has fluctuated in value greatly over the years. When the bitcoin currency was first introduced in 2015, it was valued at $327.00 US. Since then, the bitcoin value in USD has grown significantly over time. The bitcoin rate reached a peak of over $19,000 at the end of 2017 but dropped as low as $3,000 in 2018. Many people who are skeptical of bitcoin look at the volatility in bitcoin value history and worry that bitcoin trading at the wrong time could leave them with a significant loss. In 2019, the bitcoin cost began at approximately $3,800 US on January 1st and has risen to more than $8,000 by the middle of the year. While the current value doesn’t match the peak bitcoin value of the past, somebody who bought a bitcoin at the beginning of the year could potentially sell it back six months later for more than double its worth.

When to Buy and When to Sell

To figure out how much is a bitcoin worth and to know when you can take advantage of the best BTC price, it helps to follow reliable cryptocurrency charts closely. Using a bitcoin graph to track the rise and fall of BTC value gives you information not only about how much is bitcoin worth today but also the trends shown by bitcoin history. You might not be able to always get the maximum bitcoin worth, but watching the bitcoin price chart can help you make sure that you always turn a profit.

Understanding Bitcoin Value

When you examine a bitcoin price graph, the current bitcoin price in US dollars is not the most essential thing to watch. Rather, you should pay attention to bitcoin price history and watch for a positive bitcoin trend. Keep in mind the bitcoin value chart when you first bought a coin and consider how things changed since then. While watching the changing bitcoin price live makes the currency seem volatile, the current bitcoin price usually follows a positive or negative slope. If the bitcoin price today looks affordable, worry less about how much is one bitcoin and more about how that value can grow. If the BTC chart indicates that the currency is trending upward, you can turn a significant profit.

How much is a bitcoin? The answer to the question is less important than what is the bitcoin value today? If you follow historical trends and pay attention to how the market looks, you can reap a significant profit off a relatively small bitcoin investment, especially when starting a new crypto business.

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