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Crypto Payment Processing Software Solution

Crypto Payment Processor allows your business to send and receive crypto payments worldwide. You have an instant exchange, direct deposits and convenient payouts. Using this technology, you power up your enterprise and let it flourish for many more years. Are you ready for success? Go Merkeleon crypto payment software & bitcoin payment processing solution.

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A custom-made Crypto Payment Gateway is a processor developed to guarantee protective and speedy crypto processing, namely depositing, withdrawing and exchanging. A solution for cryptocurrency payment encompasses B2B direction, which makes it available for online businesses. These process e-shops and marketplaces, currency exchange destinations, crypto wallet platforms, online auctions, casinos, betting services, and so on.


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Product Features.

  • 50+ available crypto assets including stablecoins

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    Easy-to-use internal B2B wallet

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    Extensive financial reporting system

  • money

    Instant exchange in any fiat or cryptocurrency

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    Fast-track exchange in any fiat or cryptocurrency

  • Agile crypto deposits within 3 seconds

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    Simple API for business customers

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    Collaboration with the best exchange processors

All in 1 Solution.

Everything you want from a paying server is compiled in one product. Launch your crypto payment gateway for B2B with expert full-time technical assistance!

Inbuilt compliance service

Inbuilt compliance service

You don’t need to spend your business resources and time on compliance. Merkeleon gets you covered. This feature is part of the software. Compliance management is carried out in the most efficient manner. You can provide crypto payments that meet the latest industry standards and norms. It not only thwarts law violation, but also helps prevent corruption and embezzlement.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

50+ digital assets and fiat solutions create a favourable environment for customers who are free to choose any payment method, crypto or fiat, among a multitude of options. In this regard, what you get is a bigger audience and a larger geography for your business. As a flexible provider, who can accept cryptocurrency, you boost progress and contribute to the upscale of your business.

Crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange

bitcoin payment processing solutions
Crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange

The key characteristic of this processor is a capability to accept payments in cryptocurrency. A highly volatile asset, with a processing solution, crypto can be translated into fiat right on the platform. It grants your business an increased potential, creates a more favourable brand image, plus guarantees profitable transactions for your merchants and customers.

Safe B2B & B2C wallets

Safe B2B & B2C wallets

Cryptoprocessing with this system features a wallet, with an extraordinary high level of security. You do not need to introduce another provider to embed their wallet into your system. The advanced encryption mechanisms of this wallet make your gateway reliable, payment processes foolproof, and assets, like bitcoin and litecoin, safely stored, with minimal risks of intrusion.

B2C via API

cryptocurrency payment processing system
B2C via API

At some point large companies develop API solutions for their merchants, customers or for internal use. This tool allows a user to perform an action — register an account, make an appointment or send a message — without leaving the company website. An integrated API solution takes a cryptocurrency payment gateway to a whole new level, making your cryptoprocessing more powerful.


Merkeleon reviews: popular stories from our partners.

“We discovered Merkeleon about 3 years ago in the process of finding for a ready-made software solution tested by real business for our project. It is highly important for us to have the specifics of stable operation of the platform within heavy loads, as well as guaranteed uptime and SLA in terms of response time to any technical support requests, every minute of downtime costs a lot of lost revenue. The company’s specialists have proven themselves excellent in launching our crypto-process business, as well as supporting it.”

Aleksejs Krivcuns
Aleksejs Krivcuns

CEO of Finectum.com: cryptoprocessing, exchange, wallet


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    more Product Features

    Additional functionality involves.



    Speed and scalability with the processing performance of 20 Tx/s (5x blockchain) adds efficacy to your platform. The best cloud-based APT contributes to the security of sensitive data and the stability of the cryptoprocessing.



    Comprehensive commercial terms and regulations include transparent transaction fees. Customers know how much they need to pay in advance: X% for withdrawals, Y% for deposits. Crypto payments with no limits.


    Quality technical support involves a multilingual team, who responses rapidly, in a personalised manner for a better user experience.


    2-factor authentication via Google enables the best protection from DDoS attacks and SQL injections. Hot and cold wallet backups assist in emergency cases, with automated withdrawal to cold wallets, protecting your payment solution.


    What are payment gateways?

    It is one of the latest generation technologies in the world designed specifically for transactions in the digital environment. With the introduction of such processors, it became possible for users to receive, send and exchange money quickly, conveniently and safely.

    How do payment gateways work?

    Regardless of a brand, geography, type of payments, fiat or crypto, other external factors, all processors follow one pattern:


    1. A customer enters their data to transact money
    2. The payment gateway encrypts customer’s data to prevent theft
    3. The payment goes to a processing centre to verify the details
    4. If the request is valid, it flows to an issuing company or bank
    5. If the client’s solvency permits, the money is marked off, and the corresponding order courses back to the processing centre
    6. The information about the transaction returns to the initial terminal

    Can I become a provider of crypto processing services?

    Yes, you can; even if you have no background in providing crypto processing services or software for it. We can offer you our expertise and assistance, along with the white-label technology from Merkeleon. To know what other elements you need to become a provider, check our detailed article How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments? Best Solution To Launch Business.

    How long does a transaction take?

    A complex, multi-stage operation lasts a few seconds. During this process, the mechanism manages to encrypt all information in digital code so that it could not be hacked or intercepted by third parties. After that, each member of this deal gets a notification whether it was successful or not. Simultaneously, a new coin or token sum makes it to the destination wallet.

    What are the advantages of a payment gateway?

    As a result of a fast exchange process, each party gets its incentives fulfilled. An issuing centre gets a commission for its contribution, a customer has discounts and swift payments from anywhere, while a service point wins cost reduction.

    Is a cryptocurrency payment server safe?

    Money transferring services that use processing centres are accident-proof. That is achieved with consistent cryptography, address verification service and other tools that promote persistence and integrity of the server.

    What are the benefits of crypto gateways?

    As the crypto market is expanding, with bitcoin, ether, litecoin and more virtual currencies keeping their leading positions, every merchant eagerly multiplies their opportunities and introduces processing into their business. Major advantages:


    • New customers who want to make a crypto transaction
    • No third parties involved in the process
    • Instant access to a wallet after a deal
    • Low transaction rates in comparison to regular bank commissions
    • Irreversible transparent transactions that live in the blockchain
    • Secure operations with any coin or token

    How does the processing engine help your business?

    The essential features of processing and smart contracts have already been introduced to financial institutions. This technology is especially effective for transnational contracts where it is necessary to comply with the jurisdiction of each country. Furthermore, a processing engine accelerates trading operations and reduces costs.

    Employing blockchain in long chains of suppliers, merchants, manufacturers and contractors, you eliminate errors. Each member of the network can check data. If something goes wrong, they can easily find out at what stage a problem occurred.