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What we offer

  • Unique software engine

  • Stable system architecture

  • Large number of features and


  • Extensive customization capability

  • Exclusive custom design

  • Technical support


What we offer

Classic Auction
Penny auction
Reveal auction
Mixed auction
Online Marketplace

Why us

  • More than 5 years experience in

    online auction development

  • Best technical specialists in the industry

  • Customers all over the world

  • Fast setup

  • Free updates

  • Individual approach to every customer

  • Austrian based company

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Online Auction Software

Merkeleon Online Auction Software is a perfect combination of the cutting-edge technology, modern design and high performance. For more than five years it has been providing companies and individuals with a unique tool to start their way in the online auction business. Used as a ready to set auction, the system is easy to operate and administrate, yet innovative and complete. A large number of exclusive features and functionalities make it stand out in the market and help to compete with the industry leaders. The user friendly and fully mobile device optimized interface created by the top notch designers attracts bidders from all parts of the world and helps create a solid user database. With special attention paid to system security, Merkeleon uses advanced fraud prevention techniques and guarantees a fair play to both auction owners and bidders.

Our auction software has been deployed with clients all over the world in a variety of industries from the American chopper auction to live auto auction and ebay like auctions. Projects developed under Merkeleon platform boast an impeccable reputation and great customer loyalty which are the key factors of a successful business.

Our latest customer says:

Cars&Luck CEO / Valery Pushkov

“Merkeleon company developed an online auction for us. We are pleased to cooperate with Merkeleon as it employs professional staff who are focused on results and accurately performed the task in accordance with the specifications.

Their strong point is good knowledge of the subject area and, most importantly, the ability to develop a website in the agreed timeframe. Merkeleon specialists showed their good side during the warranty period of the website – their specialists promptly and comprehensively respond to our questions.

We wish to Merkeleon good luck and successful business.”