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New release: administrator role, logs and dashboard

By |July 12th, 2018
New release: administrator role, logs and dashboard

Greetings! We are here to observe you the new version of the crypto exchange. New release 1.0b has acquired many features that will be at hand for Administrators.


One of the most important sections, Turnover contains all information about an exchange activity of a chosen period.

The current section was created to show the user statistics for the current time.

We added Transaction Requests, the feature that shows information about the deposit and withdrawals of the traders. The operator can create data and filter this information by username, status, payment system.


Information about users and their activity can be found in the Main section. Using the Main section, an operator can edit the user account, set, block or change the current plan, or make notes about the user’s account.


In the Transactions section, you can see the list of the transactions of trader’s account. The transactions list contains customer’s email, sum, date of the transactions and also when a customer did transactions.

Trade logs section shows transactions by markets. The operator can track the customer buys an order, the volume of an order and the date of the trade. Also, the page allows exporting information to an email.


With the help of the Feed section, the operator can see a successful login of the traders in real time.

Flagged section was integrated to show information about suspicious activities that have been registered with the anti-fraud system.


We added Currency Pairs section to show currency pairs of the exchange, status, fees and trade settings such as trading spread, currencies percent fees and the settings of trade volume.

We also improved Payment Systems. This section shows information about the payment systems of an exchange, payment fees, and the payment status.

The section called Affiliates shows a partner system of the exchange.

In order to learn more about the functions of our cryptocurrency exchange platform from the side of the Trader role, please read our next announcement.

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