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General Audit by Kaspersky Lab of Merkeleon Crypto Exchange Software

By |August 20th, 2018
General Audit by Kaspersky Lab of Merkeleon Crypto Exchange Software

The penetration and massive progress of the information technology over the past several years is the most fundamental alteration that has completely changed our lifestyles. Web network has become common space for business infrastructure. Multiple web services have been monetized. The emergence of cryptocurrency has redefined financial borders in the digital world. At the same time digital currency is becoming one of the most essential security entities in financial apps with an integrated crypto payment gateway. It is crucially important for your assets security to protect your tech-space identity.

Being a solid provider of such software solutions as online auction and trading platform, cryptocurrency exchange software and crypto payment processing Merkeleon realizes that the leakage of even a small fraction of confidential information may enable fraudulent activity and result in significant financial losses for our Clients. Hence we are strongly attached to the safety precautions provided for our products. We apply multiple practices such as MLS, KYC, 2FA and others to reduce risks to a minimum.

Moreover to get reasonable proofs that our internal and external security measures are consistent with the organization’s objectives and to allow the effectiveness and continuity of the development process, Merkeleon will conduct general audit for its cryptocurrency exchange software in liaison with Kaspersky Lab.

External Web Application Security Assessment will be conducted using both tool-aided and manual methods. After the audit Merkeleon will be provided with a detailed report on the current security level describing potential threats and vulnerabilities, as well as suggesting ways for fixing the identified security flaws (if there are any).

We are honored to cooperate with Kaspersky Laboratory which is one of the leading cybersecurity solutions providers. It is intended that such practice will help to trace and prevent security pitfalls. What is more it will make our corporate system of protection even more efficient and correspondent to current tasks and business purposes for both our Customers and ourselves.

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