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License acquisition has many aspects to consider: target group, local regulations, platform requirements, a compliance team and business plan. Should you buy a licensed company to save time? Or partner with the one? Merkeleon is here to help.


Where we have partners


The business capital of the Persian Gulf, a financial centre in the Middle East and home to multinational companies.


The country has a positive image of European jurisdiction, developed banking system, low tax, membership in the EU and OECD.


One of the most attractive jurisdictions for business. High competition, stable local currency, reliable banking sector.


A destination with clear standards for running a crypto business. You need to register your activity and obtain a license.


One of the first jurisdictions to spell out norms for crypto startups. The government claims Czech Republic is a hub for crypto.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Global Market is a stable environment for running a business with virtual assets. Companies of any scale can register.


It is the largest economic centre in the Baltic region, due to its stable economy and favourable business environment.


One of the most prestigious jurisdictions. Transparent taxation, little paperwork and gainful incentive rates.

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    Cryptocurrency exchange

    Exchanges provide means not only for currency conversion. They can work as a channel for attracting an audience and directing it to another site.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    Multi-vendor marketplace

    AliExpress, Airbnb, Google Play are just some peer-to-peer ecommerce aggregators whose business model reflects the future of online enterprise.

    multi vendor marketplace platform

    E-procurement software

    It allows users to search in catalogues, apply for goods and services, convert these applications into purchase orders and more.

    e-procurement auction

    Cryptocurrency processing

    Thanks to crypto processing, your clients and partners can pay in cryptocurrencies and your business can flawlessly accept such payments.

    crypto processor

    Classic English auction

    Classic auction functionality adds more freedom to prospective buyers who bid and change the price themselves.

    classic auction

    Reverse Dutch auction

    It is the most common tool for electronic procurement in the intercorporate sector. It gradually reduces the price which incentivizes buyers.

    reverse dutch auction

    Reveal price auction

    Reveal auctions serve as a tool to attract the public because prospective buyers want to bid and discover the cost.

    reveal auction

    Penny bid auction

    Software for penny auctions allows bidders to participate in tenders when the minimal initial price goes up by minimal steps.

    penny auction

    Unique bid auction

    While in traditional auctions the winner is the bidder with the highest price, in the unique bid auction it is the uniqueness of a bid that matters.

    unique bid auction platform

    NFT marketplace software

    With this turnkey adjustable software, you can start your online store, auction and blockchain platform on a single website.

    nft platform