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A downward auction with paid bids, where the current price of the product is hidden from all the participants.

Each participant in this auction can independently look at the current price for a small fee rate. At the same time, the price of goods decreases with each such viewing by a certain amount up to the one to which the first buyer agrees. The buyer who views and agrees to buy becomes the winner of the auction and the owner of the lot.

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All in 1 Solution

Intuitive interface of the auction platform provides flexible and convenient
system administration which allows the platform operator and their users to hold auctions and close deals..

  • Gamified bidding process
  • Crypto and Fiat payment methods
  • Flexible content management system
  • Custom bid packages
  • Buy-now prices
  • Comprehensive communication system
  • Advanced marketing tools
  • High level of transparency
  • Any design is possible

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General Features

  • Unlimited number of users and products
  • Flexible commission settings
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Analytics system integration
  • Multilingual interface
  • Data export and import
  • Hidden or transparent participants list
  • Mobile friendly
  • Emails and SMS alerts
  • Different reverse types available
  • Auction blog feature
  • Finance management
  • Login via social networks
  • Fiat and crypto currency support
  • IIntegrated CRM and reporting system

Advantages of a dutch auction with hidden price

Nontrivial auction model

Reveal price auction is not the most well-known in comparison with others. It gives a wonderful opportunity to occupy a free niche.

Quick and simple to implement

Easy to understand for bidders, easy to manage for the owner. Merkeleon platform is intuitively simple for the administrator and convenient for the users.

High level of transparency and clearness

The process is easy to understand. Each bid lowers the price, and a bidder just needs to decide the most comfortable price for them to buy and hurry to press the button.

Buyer gets the benefits at first, realizing the main advantages of such a deal.

Internal virtual money account

Makes it possible to organize one more channel of traffic rise. The administrator can build affiliate networks, bonus systems and channels.

Fixed price addition

Opportunity to add fixed price sales apart from the auction within one auction.

Major concepts of a dutch auction script

Start price

Usually lower or equal to the retail price of the item which attracts users at once

Price decrease

Price goes down to a specific level every time set up by the auctioneer (dutch auction) or it is viewed by the participant (price reveal auction).

Charge for bids

To see the price, the user has to spend a bid which costs a fee (price reveal auction). Can be also used in the open Dutch auction (but not required).


The item is sold to the participant who first decides to buy it when they see the price

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