NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace Development

A platform for sale and purchase of digital assets for a fix price or in an auction manner Ordinary tokens are fungible, whatever their design or year of issue. But an NFT technology resembles Malevich's Black Square: it is just as impossible to exchange one NFT for another as to exchange Malevich’s masterpiece with any other picture of a black square.

Transactions with NFTs take place on specialized marketplaces, most of which operate in the Ethereum blockchain in the auction way. In Merkeleon we know how to combine auctions with tokens and make this integration triumph.

NFT Marketplace Development

How can NFT help you open new
revenue streams?

The purchase of non-fungible coins does not necessarily limit access to a piece of art only to the NFT owner. It is the emotional experience, nostalgia or the opportunity to show off a rare acquisition that comes forward. Besides, the unique nature of each NFT makes it a valuable investment instrument.

Single-seller NFT store

Creators can start their own online store connected to a blockchain to sell their creations and get extra revenue. Moreover, this is how artists get closer to their fans, offering privileged NFTs, like VIP access, limited editions, giveaways, exclusive content.

Multi-seller NFT store

Brands and affiliates can effectively collaborate to create and trade their assets on an NFT platform. It wins customers' loyalty, empowers your company with digital swag, promotes your philosophy online and incentivizes them to visit, buy, and share.

NFT Marketplaces: Decentralized or Not?

You can adjust your NFT marketplace that will fit your own business requirements, removing impractical details and incorporating complementary solutions. The Merkeleon inventory offers:

NFT Marketplace


No custodian:

NFTs under user’s control; transactions without intermediaries


Only smart-contracts govern the auction


Integrated custodian wallet:

A user’s balance refill via preferable payment methods, secured by the marketplace escrow mechanism

Flexible bidding:

Sellers set auction rules and mechanics provided by the marketplace engine, not a blockchain.

Our NFT Development

Merkeleon offers an NFT platform for digital goods - collectibles, game items, art and other assets. Trading on the Merkeleon website employs smart contracts, which means no central authority can interfere with the process. The Merkeleon NFT marketplace connects users to the blockchain and allows access to its benefits in terms of assets and royalties.

Flawless integration

You can combine auctions and marketplaces on a single site. For improved user experience, introduce single-sign-on (SSO).

Various auctions

In addition to usual buy-now options, implement algorithms for auctions on your portal.

Customer support

To increase integrity for buyers, employ ticket and KYC tools to minimise risks and ensure security.

Multiple payment options

Embed several fiat and crypto currencies and make transactions instant with the integrated crypto processing algorithm.

NFT in real life

Anything that claims to be unique can be turned into an NFT and sent to the marketplace - music, images, texts, videos, 3D models, collectibles, securities, even tangibles.


Exclusive assets such as an internal currency


A sense of immersion and participation in the virtual economy


For connoisseurs to expand their collections


Promotion and encouragement for artists


Transparent and quick transfer of rights


The best moments of games and matches


Unique and forgery-resistant

Asset tokenization

Digitizing a company’s assets

Yield farming

Remuneration for loans and liquidity


Impossible to forge and steal personal documents

Presentation & Demo

NFT services and their platform development only spring up. It is an auspicious line of the crypto sector attractive for investors and entrepreneurs. The Merkeleon team can skillfully help you start a trusted, well-functioning NFT portal in good time, plus top it with auction features.
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Benefits of NFT

Even though buying a unique token does not establish sole authority on it - users can still download these files from the Internet - its real value lies much deeper.


A blockchain registers forever the fact that it is you who purchased this asset.

Resale and Royalty

Buyers can resell NFT on a top marketplace at a higher price; creators can gain interest from secondary market sales.


All unique coins remain in a digital environment that makes them destruction-resistant

Features of the best NFT marketplace software

In addition to services that already work in blockchains, there are digital NFT platforms that are actively developing. Websites differ in their inventory and functionality. Some offer permissioned registration - only invited users can join. Some platforms operate in the auction format. Others sell collectibles at a fixed price. Whatever add-ons, here are the key features to take into account.

nft marketplace software Start auction in 2 weeks
nft marketplace software


These options may vary: fiat only, crypto-only or both. Most active services integrate with wallets that enable transactions with ether. To implement other cryptocurrencies, entirely new crypto wallets might be used.

Types of Unique Assets

It stands for a marketplace speciality, whether this NFT is music-, sport-, art-, whatnot-associated. Some categories may be interrelated, for instance, artwork can also be categorized as collectibles.


To process NFTs, a platform charges fees. Some NFT marketplaces collect fees after a transaction itself, while others may require it after the sale. Such flexibility of service charges is an innate part of revenue, that is you may get profit after a sale in the primary placement or from sales on the secondary market.

Why choose Merkeleon?

The Merkeleon team strives for new peaks and successfully hits them. Our extensive experience in eCommerce marketplace and auction development helps us tailor the NFT portal to your needs. Merkeleon offers security verified by the Kaspersky Lab. Plus, our full-scale service will earnestly engage in every technicality and save your time on the portal promotion.

Professional team

The Merkeleon developers know how to set up a leading digital website in the best way possible. With you, we will realize a new distinguished project.

Solid experience

For more than 10 years in the digital trading software application, we hammered out new techniques that make us a professional NFT development company.

Secrecy of invention

The security and confidentiality of our clients are of paramount importance. All data that you entrust us is kept intact, with no third party involved.

Responsive implementation

The customizable mechanics for crypto services features agile solutions to advance its transparency and coherence.

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    Now unique tokens are the hottest trend. Yet, NFT marketplaces only set in. Find out more about non-fungible token technology from this section.

    How does NFT work?

    It is a non-fungible token stored on the blockchain. It guarantees the originality of an item and gives exclusive rights to its holder. NFTs are immaterial. In fact, it is a cypher, a digital cryptographic commodity. Some compare it with virtual securities. An asset for NFT can be almost anything: a video, meme, photo, text, music album, even a tweet.

    What is NFT in crypto?

    It can be called a digital certificate that records information about its creator, price and current owner. When NFT is sold, this transaction is immediately reflected on the blockchain and looks like this: the first block stands for the token release, the second includes the purchase and the name of a new owner.

    What is the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens?

    In an open blockchain, all tokens are equal. However, the non-fungible token cannot be replaced with another one without the change of value. Moreover, after purchasing an NFT, a user acquires the so-called certificate, not the artwork itself, that in turn remains on perpetual storage (IPFS). This certificate, in essence, is code lines that confirm the ownership rights. An NFT can be compared to a painting that may belong to a gallery, museum or individual, but the public can still see it in a catalogue or exhibition.

    Who buys NFTs?

    There are several groups of people among whom non-fungibles are notably widespread. Gamers were the first to give prominence to non-fungible tokens in 2017 after the game CryptoKitties appeared. People collect and resell game characters, using them as a currency. Collectors possess digital certificates of art. This type of collecting prevails over its classical form: virtual assets do not deteriorate, they can be easily sold under smart contract technology, and are also theft-protected. Investors market non-fungible coins at a higher price.

    Where to find NFTs?

    They are sold on NFT marketplaces, like Binance or Rarible. Creators put them on trading platforms and wait for buyers. Besides, you can even create unique tokens yourself. For that, you register a digital object - a picture, song, photo - on the site and upload it, adding a description and price.

    How to benefit from NFTs?

    The most apparent advantage of this technology goes to art workers. Firstly, they digitize their works and confirm their rights to an image, video, track, etc. Furthermore, they can earn by selling their NFT. In addition, if after the sale a buyer resells the object, the author receives royalties.

    There are beneficial applications for customers:

    • Purchase an NFT from a famous person and resell it at the price increase.
    • Buy non-fungibles and instantly resell them for other cryptocurrencies at a higher price.
    • Make an NFT portfolio similar to an investment portfolio and receive dividends

    What is the future of NFTs?

    Blockchain technology is brilliant: the information inside cannot be deleted or reversed. What is more, thanks to smart contracts, transactions are transparent and secure. The world booms now realizing the potential of unique coins. In theory, over the next while, NFT will be used to confirm documents - education certificates, sick notes, marriage registration certificates, and more.