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Crypto Wallet Script

for Convenient Payments and Transactions

You can start an online crypto wallet with our script. Without writing a code from scratch. At Merkeleon, we follow the on-premise model of development. It means you can acquire the source code of our crypto wallet script after configuring its features with the Merkeleon team. Embrace the on-premise model with Merkeleon.

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Crypto wallet script

Crypto wallet script from Merkeleon developers can satisfy your prerequisites. With over 14 years of software development expertise and a unique ecosystem, Merkeleon offers the ultimate solution for your online cryptocurrency depository. Our crypto wallet script features web and mobile user applications with exchange pages, wallet portfolio, transaction history, ready-made integrations with KYC providers, payment systems, liquidity aggregators. A wallet operator is accompanied by a full-fledged admin panel with commission settings, all currency pairs, security tools, etc.


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Crypto wallet script by Merkeleon
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Features of Crypto Wallet Script

  • Over 30 currencies

  • Built-in exchange

  • Automated KYC, KYT

  • Simple interface

  • feature

    Over 10 languages

  • feature

    Size-responsive interface

  • feature

    Admin panel with analytic tools

  • Integrated liquidity providers

  • iOS, Android application

How to Build Crypto Wallet with Script

The Merkeleon's script can be deployed with no much hassle. There are only 4 steps that require following:

Step 1: Test Demo

Step 1: Test Demo

Apply for a demo. Try its functionality. The demo will help you understand the mechanics, plus, see how this technology works.

Step 2: Configure Script

Step 2: Configure Script

To ensure our crypto wallet script aligns perfectly with your vision, we collaborate with you to negotiate the script configuration. This customization process allows you to define parameters such as liquidity providers, payment gateways, currency options and more.

Step 3: Buy Script

Step 3: Buy Script

Once your script configuration with the Merkeleon team is complete and aligned with your vision, purchase the script. Keep in mind that the script is a pricey investment. So, if you are a startup, think about a SaaS crypto wallet.

Step 4: Launch Script

Step 4: Launch Script

When you receive the script, you have two choices for deployment. Our expert team can assist you in seamlessly launching the script, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. Alternatively, you can opt to deploy the script independently, utilizing your own resources and technical expertise.

Step 5: Maintain Wallet

Step 5: Maintain Wallet

To ensure the continued success and security of your crypto wallet platform, we strongly recommend assigning dedicated specialists responsible for its continuous upkeep, attack detection, system upgrades.

Advantages of Crypto Wallet Script

The Merkeleon crypto wallet script offers a host of benefits. They make it the ideal choice for your enterprise.
  • money

    Monetization instruments

    Monetization instruments generate revenue for a provider. It enhances operator experience, diversifies revenue streams.

  • feature

    Risk management

    This script comes with multiple security layers, making it secure and safe to implement, use, maintain.

  • star

    Simple customization

    This technology is customizable, which allows you to adjust it as directed by the objectives of your enterprise.

  • Convenient for users

    The product is comprehensive for beginners and advanced users. Plus, it satisfies the crypto community.

Why Choose Merkeleon?

At Merkeleon, we understand what challenges arise when developing and installing a product. This is what our crypto wallet script offers. Relying on our industry experience, you can save time on development and win a customized platform that reflects current market trends.

This script is an innovation that can be launched on a side server. An operator is in charge of its technical assurance. That said, you should have development experience and employ a full IT personnel that will manage ongoing maintenance, update this system.

The script is not suitable for startups with limited budgets. Plus, professional IT personnel is a luxury for novice companies. In this scenario, we recommend a SaaS solution. Every technicality is provided by the Merkeleon team for a monthly pay. When your platform grows, you can buy the source code and maintain it on your own.

crypto wallet script

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    What is a crypto wallet script?

    It is a full-fledged developed product with advanced functionality for clients and admin. The script requires professional technical background. If the operator wants to develop the project with their tech team, they can buy an all-ready advanced feature-rich product without spending months on development.

    Why should I choose the Merkeleon’s script?

    An operator can configure the crypto wallet script according to their vision and objectives. They can choose payment systems and liquidity aggregators. The operator can also add any cryptocurrency, from the most popular ones, like Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Doge to less widespread. Receiving the configured source code, the operator together with their team can readjust all the script components and add new features.

    How to launch a crypto wallet with a script?

    1. Start with the product demo. Apply for it in the contact form and try its features;
    2. Configure the script content with the Merkeleon team;
    3. Buy a prepared script;
    4. Deploy the script with your own team or with Merkeleon;
    5. Maintain the script.

    How does Merkeleon ensure security?

    Our product has multiple security layers that guarantee safety to owners and clients. Also, we offer accessible risk management and facilitate secure transactions. The script features 2FA, IP-link, email notifications, attack detection, intelligent anti-fraud system.

    What is Merkeleon's approach to client relationships?

    We value our clients and carry responsibility for any project. That is why we make it our goal to build confidential mutual relationships with each partner. Such an approach works for a successful and long-lasting partnership. We closely follow technical aspects, starting from software launch coming to maintenance. So, you can dedicate time and attention to business operations.