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A consistent marketing strategy is a key to starting a business. A well-designed plan is accountable for 60% of marketing success. Marketing is a sort of foundation for business and it is impossible to build a strong wall without a stable foundation.

Marketing services

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Сrypto trading

Not only traders use digital money. Customers send, receive and exchange crypto. Conveniently, anonymously, in a decentralized way. Crypto exchange software

Сrypto wallet

All digital assets stay safe on blockchain. The wallet stores a secret key to access the cryptocurrency and protects it. Crypto wallet white label

Crypto marketplace

The growing interest in crypto and the popularity of e-commerce find expression here. Crypto opens doors to new vendors. Multivendor marketplace software

NFT platform

NFTs require a specialized environment. Here, clients can create, buy and sell NFT as if it was a regular marketplace.


It reveals innovative technologies for the finance sector: big data, AI, machine learning, blockchain, tokenization, etc.

Payment processing

Payments form a pillar in the online business. Their core characteristics should be speed, transparency, and reliability.

Electronic commerce

Here come financial deals: online sale and purchase, mobile commerce, e-marketing, transaction processing and even more.

Game project

Gamification has a positive impact on business and user experience. Clients compete, gain levels and spur business.

Our partners are professionals

Great things start in partnership, where enthusiasm and motivation multiply. Reliable professionals are a must for productive collaboration. We value our partners who boost business performance and take companies to the next level.

Whitepaper writing

This comprehensive document explains the aim of a business, technology or service. With graphics, cases and applications.

Blockchain consulting

Experienced specialists help set objectives through a blockchain business prism. And accomplish them to good effect.

Crypto PR - media promotion

Business success is hardly possible without elaborate promotion. Media works miracles if combined with professionals.

YouTube promotion

YouTube is an influential media that abounds in people and opinions. Powerful platform + opinion leader = global reach.

Community development

Talents need a special approach to bloom. Trained and educated, they transform their community, their country, the world.

IDO marketing services

Emerging companies want a well-arranged expansion plan like nothing else. Orchestrated marketing pilots fruitful IDO.

Influencer Marketing

Digitalization is the major tool to gain credence. A business backed by a reliable influencer is twice as efficient.

Reputation Management

Positive public opinion should not be taken for granted. Demand for quality is growing. Clients like it when managers care.

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    Cryptocurrency exchange

    Cryptocurrency is all the rage. People with no special background turn to crypto more often. Not only crypto investors want a comprehensive exchange.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    NFT marketplace software

    Environment for NFT creation, purchase and sale is easy to implement with turnkey software. Investors, artists, collectors, gamers are waiting.

    nft platform

    Multi-vendor marketplace

    The most popular multi-vendor platforms, like Amazon, had to develop strategies from scratch. For you, there are already working solutions to launch.

    multi vendor marketplace platform

    E-procurement software

    You start an e-procurement portal and bring together sellers and buyers. Some sell more, others buy cheaper. You orchestrate them all and revenue

    e-procurement auction

    Cryptocurrency processing

    To upscale a business, new features should be added. Payment in crypto is one of them. Processing makes crypto transactions possible and flawless.

    crypto processor

    Classic English auction

    Auctions attract people due to the possibility to purchase goods cheaper. Software for classic auctions can be an introduction to engaging new clients in bidding.

    classic auction

    Reverse Dutch auction

    The price movement is reversed. So are the bidding roles. This software can be launched on a platform where multiple vendors sell similar items.

    reverse dutch auction

    Reveal price auction

    A captivating auction experience is assured. Price is hidden. And buyers want to see it. Every peek reduces the price. But it also requires a fee.

    reveal auction

    Penny bid auction

    By implementing this software, you start an auction where the price goes up in small steps. Bidding is charged. And the timer is relaunched after every bid.

    penny auction

    Unique bid auction

    One-of-a-kind is the key word here. You implement software for an auction where the unique bid, either the highest or the lowest, wins. Modifications of this mod are numerous.

    unique bid auction platform