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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.
The world’s first turnkey audited software for trading and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies.

Launch own Bitcoin Exchange in 2 weeks using our software.
Merkeleon provides a turnkey solution for starting own Crypto Exchange for professional traders or beginners. We provide a wide listing of crypto or fiat currencies, and the support of all required order trading types such as limit, stop-limit, market, stop-market, trailing stop, trailing stop limit, Trading API. Having various monetization opportunities, you can configure flexible and various income sources in accordance with your business strategy.

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Exchange launched worldwide
Audited crypto exchange software
Years expertise

All in 1 Solution

The intuitive software interface translated into 11 languages provides flexible and convenient management of
operational processes, which makes trading simple and business management easy.
  • Most flexible exchange management system
  • Support of any crypto or fiat currencies
  • Sophisticated anti-fraud management
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Liquidity and payment processing solutions
  • Wide-ranging list of order types
+ extra Add-ons that make your exchange individual
  • Kaspersky Crypto Exchange Security
  • Crypto Payments via API for Business Customers
  • Leading Gaming Content Integration
  • Leading Gaming Content Integration

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The world’s first turnkey audited software for trading and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies.
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General Features

  • Effective marketing tools
  • Manual or automated API trading
  • Simple user-friendly exchanger mode
  • Frontend, public, private trading API available
  • Transparent platform data log
  • Mobile-friendly user interfaces
  • Anti-fraud management
  • Leading liquidity providers integrated
  • Translated into 11 languages
  • Monthly software updates


What is cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Cryptocurrency exchange platform - a digital platform for exchanging one cryptocurrency for another at a set rate. Users create exchange requests by setting the value and volume of the cryptocurrency. If a suitable counter-offer has already been registered on the site, a deal is concluded between users.

Crypto exchange platform provide the following options:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Currency exchange

What is white label crypto exchange?

White label crypto exchange development is one of the most affordable options for launching your own cryptocurrency exchange. This option for starting a crypto business is often compared to outsourcing, where software development is outsourced to a third party. But in the case of purchasing a “White Label” solution, everything is even simpler: there is no need to wait for the completion of the work, control their progress and accept possible failure.

The Merkeleon white label exchange standard version is ready to launch within 2 weeks or a little longer if Operator would like to make changes in the front-end, add some new modules, types of orders, payment methods.

The main advantages are:

  • rapid deployment
  • lower financial costs (5-10 times cheaper),
  • higher potential for increasing the return on investment,
  • freeing up the time it takes to plan and implement a technical development and business management plan,
  • the cycle of development and technical development is not interrupted and does not require resources for restoration.

How to start a crypto exchange?

There are three most important key points how to start own crypto exchange:

  • Obtain a cryptocurrency license.

The operator can choose a jurisdiction independently in accordance with the further development of business processes or seek legal advice to ensure that the licensing requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges are met. It can be Estonian, Maltese, Swiss, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar license.

A financial license will be required if the exchange works with fiat. On the top of it crypto exchanges must use the “Know your customer” (KYC) system to counter money laundering.

  • Choose the right software provider for the crypto exchange.

By choosing a Merkeleon ready-to-go solution Operator can significantly save the costs of developing the platform and finding qualified specialists, as well as reduce the launch time of the cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, Merkeleon provides full highly qualified technical support after the launch of the platform, which facilitates the work of the Operator, as it can fully concentrate on the business processes and its promotion online and offline.

  • Provide protection against cryptocurrency exchange hacking.

The security issue has been resolved with the Merkeleon crypto exchange. Our first Crypto Exchange was launched in 2014, we are one of the pioneers on the crypto market. One of our platforms was acquired by Bitfury. Our extensive unique experience in this field helps our operators to optimize their operational risks and expenses, and effectively manage their trading business.

Our team put lots of efforts on our monthly functionality updates and regular security audits. The latest audit was held in liaison with Kaspersky Lab. To find out more about what measures was taken, you can check the report posted on Kaspersky official website.

How to invest in cryptocurrency exchanges?

Most likely, not once have you thought about where you can invest money, what type of business to choose and how much income you can get in order to recoup the costs. One of the proven options is to invest in crypto exchange. This type of business allows you to achieve profit from fees on orders, deposits and withdrawals, and others. However, it should be taken into account that in order to launch an exchange, you need to think over a business strategy:

  • prepare marketing and financial plans,
  • define business goals,
  • determine the development budget,
  • find a reliable supplier of software and KYC provider,
  • settle legal questions and make a crypto license,
  • study the market and dynamic directions

The general success of the exchange depends entirely on the correct strategy and reliable software and business partners.

What is bitcoin trading platform?

Today in the world there are thousands of platforms for exchanging, buying and selling coins. Bitcoin trading platform is a special platform that allows transactions with digital money. Coins can be purchased and sold for real money, bitcoin or other altcoins, while making money on the difference in the rate.

What is the safest bitcoin exchange?

Since exchanges deal with finance, security is very important. Nobody can provide absolute security. But some exchanges are distinguished by a serious multi-level security system, so hacking an account on them is difficult or almost impossible. In order to find the best and safest bitcoin exchange software, Operators need to pay attention to what measures and methods are used by the software development company they plan to work with. In addition to the fact that the Merkeleon software adopts many methods of protecting its software, it also conducts regular internal and external security audits with world leaders in cyber defense.

What is fiat to crypto exchange?

The functionality for buying digital assets for fiat on exchanges is an important component of the development of the crypto community, which is always looking for the best fiat to crypto exchange. Such services make the process of investing in coins easier and more attractive for users. Therefore, Merkeleon Exchange works with any local currencies and can integrate any payment system on Operators request.

What is the most secure cryptocurrency exchange?

Security of the exchange is the most important criterion when choosing software. Merkeleon, in turn, makes every effort to make its platform one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Consequently, Merkeleon and Kaspersky Lab teamed up for blockchain business protection and a tailored service package was created to ensure a high level of protection for the most secure crypto trading platform. This list of services is available to all Operators of Merkeleon and includes the following options:

  • Premium support Merkeleon & Kaspersky Lab
  • Coin Matching Service
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Regular safety assessment and penetration testing
  • Prevention of account hijacking
  • Crypto-SOC Intelligence
  • Valuation of tokens and smart contracts
How much does it cost to set up a cryptocurrency exchange?

Merkeleon offers ready-to-go solution packages for a crypto exchange that can adjust to almost any Operator's budget. White label cryptocurrency exchange costs from 15,000 euros to 35,000 euros, depending on the number of currency pairs, payment methods, design, additional modules and many other perks. Newbies can start with a more basic product and upgrade to a more advanced as things go up the hill. Merkeleon also offers the option of migrating from the Operator's current exchange to the advanced Merkeleon platform.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange script?

Cryptocurrency exchange script is designed for trading and selling cryptocurrencies. The distinctive features of a good and reliable cryptocurrency exchange script are the possibility of customization, flexible functionality and scalability to any load.

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