Crypto Ecosystem

An ecosystem is a set of services within one company. The benefits for users include a single client ID, centralized customer support, attractive use conditions. For business, it brings more customers, ensures that the company grows quicker and enters new markets more easily.

Focus area

Where ecosystem works best


Mass gamification allows ecosystems to approach the entertainment zone. It is not just a trend but a new consumption policy.


In crypto ecosystems, products are united inside a blockchain. Each blockchain is like a company providing infrastructure.


Here, services that work together ensure e-commerce functioning, including online stores, trading platforms, etc.


Merkeleon and partners: what service to include

A business can’t grow in isolation. Today, companies collaborate, compete and evolve more in the presence of other enterprises. Business can develop more efficiently as a member of an ecosystem because its other parties cooperate to become more adaptable and productive. The ecosystem is not merely about several products and services under one roof. It is also about quality and image that promotes the company’s values.

  • Crypto Gateway

    Maximum integration with payment systems is a must for smooth operation. For fiat transactions, there is a processing gateway; to transact cryptocurrencies, you need to implement a cryptocurrency gateway.

  • Gaming Content

    Victory in any game brings pleasure and a sense of superiority over others. Game sections help to attract new customers, increase their loyalty. Your clients can rewind and play a game after completing a business session.

  • NFT marketplace

    This platform allows users to create non-fungible tokens, sell, buy and verify them. Not only creators benefit from this. Collectors and investors get the opportunity to buy NFTs on an integrated marketplace at a fixed price or at auctions.

  • Auction platform

    Sales at a fixed price require time and lengthy negotiations. An auction feature can facilitate a trading process. Potential buyers are free to choose how to purchase goods: through auction mechanics or via “Order now” buttons.

  • Crypto Exchange

    For crypto transactions to be financially profitable and maximally simple, it is worth it to implement reliable crypto exchange software. Cryptocurrency exchanges are popular among professional traders and those who only make their first steps.

  • Crypto Wallet

    It is a universal means for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies. The number of transactions with crypto is growing, as is the demand for reliable storage. Users like it when they transfer and keep money with one crypto wallet application.

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