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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Build Your Bitcoin Trading Platform


Establish a robust hub for virtual transactions with the Merkeleon crypto exchange script. Our script follows the on-premise model. In collaboration with the Merkeleon team, you configure the script’s content to further purchase a unique solution for integrating it onto your server. You can also acquire the source code when operating within the SaaS model. Flexibility and innovation at your fingertips with Merkeleon.

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Cryptocurrency exchange script

What is a cryptocurrency exchange script? A cryptocurrency exchange platform script is a solution that features the necessary infrastructure for crypto trading. The code embraces indispensable elements: trader’s inventory, wallet mechanics, user dashboard, administrator panel, integrations with payments and liquidity providers. This cryptocurrency script can include any coins and tokens: Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Binance Coin, USD Coin, XRP, Cardano, DOGE, etc. Regardless of your choice – whether you deploy the script for crypto trading with your own team or have Merkeleon handle the deployment – the initial step involves discussing the script’s configuration with our dedicated developers. Your vision and preferences will guide the customization process.


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Values of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

A script for a crypto exchange saves time. Plus, you run the project on a proven tech platform. You can later buy the source code and place it on your server. Then, your tech team will be in charge of the script customization.

Return of Investment

Save money and avoid custom development. Purchase the source code of a proven audited platform. Develop it with your team.

custom exchange script

Crypto Exchange Script Customization

Remodel front-end and back-end. Introduce new integrations, develop a custom referral system, gamify your project. The source code is all yours.

Security Settings

Safeguard your clients. Buying the source code, your project has 2FA, IP-link, email notifications, attack detection, intelligent anti-fraud system.

Cryptocurrency Exchange: Script vs. Software

You have 2 approaches when organizing a cryptocurrency exchange with a preliminary designed package: choose a platform script, also known as on-premise software, or go with SaaS solution. The two options cover individualization and potentiate a smart destination for operating digital money. Still, you should be aware of further specifics.

A SaaS product is a cloud solution on the developer’s server. Technical support and hosting improvements pass through it. A developer’s team facilitates customization as well.

Under the on-premise model, you can install the cryptocurrency exchange script on your own server. Merkeleon can help you set up the script. We can hold technical consultations for your developers and provide special services after you receive the source code.


  • Turnkey proven solution
  • Saved time for proprietary development
  • Quick launch by Merkeleon
  • Based on the Merkeleon server
  • Maintained by Merkeleon
  • Does not require experience in development
  • Does not require development support personnel

Take software, launch a crypto exchange, grow your business


  • Turnkey proven solution
  • Saved time for development
  • Original set-up and configuration by Merkeleon
  • Based on your own server
  • Maintained by your own developers
  • Requires experience in development
  • Requires a full IT personnel

Take the crypto exchange script, assign an IT team to work on the code, launch a crypto exchange, grow your business

Crypto Exchange Script Features

  • Cross-platform reach

  • Multiple languages

  • Multi-currency wallet

  • Inbuilt liquidity

  • Advanced trading tools

  • Protected data log

  • Mobile application

  • Security modules

What is On-Premise?

The on-premise model features an advanced crypto exchange script that becomes an integral part of your ecosystem. Instead of relying on external servers or cloud-based solutions, you host the software on your own server. Thus, you hold complete authority over management and security.

The on-premise model is advantageous for businesses that prioritize data sovereignty and security compliance. Such an approach also fits enterprises with unique technical requirements. You have the flexibility to tailor the software to your specifications, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and processes.

With the on-premise model, you get a solution that perfectly aligns with your strategic goals. Whether you choose to collaborate closely with our team during configuration or take the reins with your in-house tech experts, Merkeleon is here to support you at every stage of your crypto exchange deployment journey.

Ultimate Security Tools for Crypto Exchange Script

A script or software, related to cryptocurrency trading, should be maximally protected. It is vital to watch client and server sides to eliminate cyber crimes: DDoS-attacks, phishing, hacking.

Client-side mechanisms

  • Two-factor authentication

    additional login via email, SMS or Google Authenticator.

  • Temporary passwords

    a one-time code to block an account, reset settings, or notify support about an attack

  • IP checks

    user registration for future comparing IP addresses to track suspicious activity

  • Time-to-live management

    debugging an account and automatically logging out during downtime.

Server-side mechanisms

  • Limited functionality

    each service responsible for a certain feature and cannot access other components.

  • Data backup

    saved information about users, transactions in multiple instances on different servers with limited access.

  • Flexible system

    adjustable functionality during a server load increase.

  • Basic protection

    protective means against DDoS attacks, XSS, SQL Injection, CORS.

How Does Merkeleon Cryptocurrency Exchange work?

The script for cryptocurrency trading platform contains an operating website. Here, traders purchase, realize, swap, deposit, and withdraw digital currencies. The process in detail:

Stage 1: sign-up

A user joins the website, entering their email, plus making up a password. They confirm registration by following the link in a confirmation email.

Stage 2: verification

The user provides a valid ID to pass identity checks. Here comes a passport, driving license, selfie. Completing this stage, users can trade crypto money.

Stage 3: bank information

The user fills in their bank account info to do business with fiat. It is a mandatory stage if the user intends to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat and withdraw their assets in the future.


With a cryptocurrency exchange script, an operator controls the exchange, adjusting its operation, monitoring user activity, tracking transactions. The operator also harbours fees: for transacting, depositing, withdrawing, listing, staking, etc.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

The Merkeleon script for cryptocurrency trading allows a flawless implementation of your online businesses. With this technology, you have everything to get rolling a stable enterprise: trading tools, liquidity means, security algorithms, marketing mechanisms, administration inventory.
  • Marketing

    Advance your business with potent marketing. We can prepare a website and brand it for further promotion. Also, we can connect you to our marketing-partners.

  • Legalization

    Obtain a license in a crypto-facilitative jurisdiction. We partner in many states: Dubai, Singapore, Estonia, Lithuania. This avails you to legalize a crypto enterprise.

  • Support

    Instate resilience to your space. We have been originating crypto technologies since 2013 and know how to instate security, upgrade it, implement new services.

  • Ecosystem

    Introduce alternative services to expand your reach: NFT, auction, launchpad. We can offer you more resources so that you could enlarge your channel to an ecosystem.

Why Choose Merkeleon Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Proficiency. Professionalism. Impact. These are fundamental principles we stick to in work. Our crypto trading script is no exception. Off the starting blocks, Merkeleon have elaborated technologies that bring partners, audience, earnings. You can read the stories of our clients here on the website, in discussion groups, chats, forums.

In 2013, we paved the way into the cryptocurrency with an exchange script that soon grew into software. After a few months, it gave life to the first crypto project in Denmark. It was a revolutionary technology back then. It remains like this today. All the absorbed knowledge we put into practice to develop an unmatched product for partners.

Other than the best cryptocurrency exchange script you buy:

  • Security for clients
  • Inventory for traders
  • Customization for enterprise
  • Performance for revenue
  • Integration for scalability

This turnkey cryptocurrency exchange script serves to roll out a crypto environment without lengthy development. You have the foundation. The rest is maintenance, legalization, promotion. With these, we help too.

Merkeleon crypto trading script

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    Will I acquire the source code for the cryptocurrency exchange script?

    To purchase the source code, first you negotiate the script configuration with our team: the necessary payment systems, liquidity providers, crypto wallet apps, currencies and so on. After that, you can buy the crypto exchange script for your team to launch on your server. Alternatively, the Merkeleon specialists can help with installation. 

    If you do not have enough investments and a professional team, pick the SaaS model. In this case, Merkeleon is in charge of every technicality and maintains the software for a monthly pay.

    Can I host the script on my server?

    You must, as scripts operate from interpreters that trigger them. Thus, you need a server to admit users to your domain. After you purchase this product and host it, you will orchestrate its every constituent. Or else, employ turnkey software that will relieve you from any technicality.

    What cryptocurrencies does the cryptocurrency exchange script holds?

    You can introduce any cryptocurrency you want. For that, during the configuration stage, tell our specialists what currencies to add. You can implement an integrated proven service from our partners. Their services support Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based coins, Ethereum and Ethereum-based coins, Tron, XRP, DOGE, Cardano, etc. The library of digital currencies can be extended.

    Does the script back fiat?

    Yes, it does, including USD, EUR, AED, TRY, CAD, etc. It means there will be more currency pairs: crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat. These variations bring in a bigger audience, engaging both professionals and those who only familiarize themselves with digital finances.

    What cryptocurrency exchange script is the best?

    For most scenarios, quality relies on technical components, like security, third-party integrations, and liquidity. Nevertheless, you can reconsider these aspects with no sweat. Anyway, partnering with reputable providers who can assist implementation and provide guarantees you furnish stability to your enterprise.

    What is a crypto exchange clone script?

    It is a code that can initiate an exchange equal to an iconic project, say Binance, Kraken, Huobi. It mirrors a parent service and holds all its components: a trading engine, user interface, wallet functionality, security algorithms. Such a strategy contributes to a quick set of an exchange. Furthermore, this environment will maintain the reputation of a recognized domain with its followers.

    How to start a bitcoin exchange?

    For a detailed guide, read our article ‘How To Start Your Own Crypto Exchange In 2023’. Put simply, set up a bitcoin exchange script with Merkeleon on your server and accomplish a few legal procedures. Keep in mind, the bitcoin exchange script sustains solely one currency. Giants, like Binance, Huobi, Kraken, hold dozens and hundreds of currency options, including fiat. Think of extending options and incorporate a few more altcoins.

    How much does a white label cryptocurrency exchange script cost?

    The price of a prepared cryptocurrency trading script relies on various factors: the set of features, functionalities and support. All these components and the price of the final on-premise solution are negotiated during the configuration stage. Generally, php cryptocurrency exchange scripts range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. So, research and compare options to find a suitable script for your budget and requirements.

    What are the security features of a cryptocurrency exchange platform script?

    A secure crypto market script should include:

    • Two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection for user accounts;
    • Encryption of passwords and private keys to prevent unauthorized access;
    • Cold storage to store a significant portion of funds offline, away from potential online threats;
    • DDoS protection and traffic filtering to mitigate potential attacks;
    • Security audits and updates to combat emerging threats and vulnerabilities;
    • Multi-signature wallets to require multiple approvals for transactions;
    • SSL encryption to protect data during transactions;
    • Compliance with industry-standard security practices and regulations.

    How long does the launch of a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform take?

    The time required to launch a stable crypto exchange business depends on the complexity of the script, customization needs, regulatory compliance and team expertise. The launch of an exchange website may be completed within a few weeks, if necessary licenses obtained and bank accounts registered. This timeframe includes installation, configuration, customization, security testing, platform testing.

    What are the benefits of a cryptocurrency trading platform script?

    • Cost-effectiveness: A pre-built script is more affordable than developing a cryptocurrency market script from ground zero;
    • Time-saving process: With a ready-made coin exchange script, you optimize the development time and launch your platform faster;
    • User-friendliness: Many scripts feature a user-friendly interface, making it easier for beginners and experienced traders to navigate and trade;
    • Customizability: Script providers allow some level of customization to tailor the platform to your business needs;
    • Smart contract integration: Scripts may offer smart contract integration to allow more complex trading features and transactions;
    • Many cryptocurrencies: A good script supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, which attracts more users willing to trade various assets;
    • Clone scripts: Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts replicate the features of popular exchanges to provide familiar trading experience: Binance clone script, Coinbase clone script.