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Crypto Launchpad Development

Merkeleon launchpad development is a perfect tradeoff for securing capital gain along with purchasing well-proven software. Our ICO crypto launchpad is here to help you assist businesses to start and promote crypto projects. This software opens the door for a 100% centralized environment, governed and protected. Besides, you can use it for one or multiple projects.

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Crypto Launchpad Development

On a launchpad, emerging crypto projects can raise capital for final development and launch. Also, such sites help to engage the public to a new crypto service, the most crucial being putting together investors and developers. While novice companies raise investment, users access promising innovations capable of yielding stable profit in future.


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Where To Use Merkeleon Launchpad?

Our launchpad is a centralized platform where crypto projects can obtain funds for further development, investors can make higher profits and a launchpad owner can earn matching them. There are 2 scenarios as to its implementation:

Stand-alone launchpad application

Stand-alone application

You can make it a separate application, with means for registration, login, balances, etc. In this case, your launchpad is the pearl and its principal purposes are to provide crowdfunding facilities and match developers with investors. With the Merkeleon crypto launchpad, you can install an ICO environment where startups trade tokens for crypto or fiat and thus raise capital for their growth.

Launchpad Ecosystem Component

Ecosystem component

When part of an existing ecosystem, your launchpad complements an already operating environment of platforms. Hence, clients can support emerging technologies, in addition to exchanging cryptocurrencies, investing in NFT, and so on. Besides, OAuth login through a leading application, for example, the Merkeleon crypto exchange, makes it easy to access the launchpad.

Launchpad benefits

What Are The Gains?

For administrator

You earn commissions for listing crypto projects;
You collect fees from launchpad users;
You build up user base to cross-use it in other services;
You give way to new technologies see the light.

For token owner

You gain a single efficient source of project financing;
You keep full ownership of your business;
You expand user base and heighten brand awareness;
You earn trust and stimulate demand to your project prior to going public.


For launchpad user

You purchase project coins at a lower price, maximizing ROI;
You diversify your investment portfolio;
You access quality projects that pass due diligence checks;
You reach operative business models with higher growth potential.

Product Features

  • feature

    Adaptive project parameters

  • feature

    Inbuilt CMS system

  • feature

    oAuth API

  • feature

    3rd party integrations

  • Feedback form

  • feature

    Email templates

  • feature

    Multiple languages

  • Translation function

All In 1 Solution

As a launchpad operator, you have a plethora of instruments to orchestrate and calibrate the platform in line with your preferences and business objectives:

Selected and onboard projects

Selected and onboard projects

You can configure business parameters in reliance to your vision and business strategies: add buttons and fields to upload files, provide project information, select token ISO, choose popular amounts, delete, update a project, and many more.

Wide back-office functionality

Wide back-office functionality

With the extensive launchpad’s inventory, you can manage users and set their roles. Along with that, the inbuilt CMS system allows creating text pages and generating links. Multiple languages, translation options, including right-to-left, feedback form and email templates work to enhance user experience.

Conversion-focused trendy UX & UI

Conversion-focused trendy UX & UI

Basic Merkeleon design is user-friendly, which ensures a great experience to all platform parties. With our comprehensive UI tools, it is easy to navigate projects by status Upcoming, Live, and Finished or other attributes. On the project page, an investor can find all the information about a utility token, project background and sales tokenomics. Users, in turn, are equipped with a convenient user dashboard.

oAuth API and flexibility on 3rd party integrations

oAuth API and flexibility on 3rd party integrations

Combined with our crypto exchange ecosystem, KYC through the 3rd party ensures users’ accountability and prevents fraud. Additionally, you can integrate other external services and customize the verification mechanism on demand.

Launchpad Development Services

In crypto funding, launchpads are premium service providers able to build partnerships with promising and leading crypto projects. Thanks to launchpads, a newcomer crypto company can make its presence known and gain community evaluation.

Plus, the cryptocurrency launchpad simplifies a fundraising paradigm. It enables blockchain-based startups to kick off and secure financing for their expansion. Investors plough into a project at a development stage and harvest tokens in return. This allows developers to raise capital for the official launch of their service, while investors diversify their portfolios and contribute to new technologies.

Moreover, the launchpad is a suitable component for a crypto ecosystem whose nature presupposes several platforms under one roof: crypto exchange, crypto wallet platform, NFT marketplace, etc. With an inbuilt launchpad process, you advance user experience as your clients now have investment opportunities without leaving your platform and cut fees for startups that can attract the public under your launchpad and collect resources for their further progress.

Crypto Launchpad Development Services

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    Our Launchpad Development

    Launchpads are an essential stage towards the blockchainization of the world. These platforms accelerate the introduction of cryptocurrencies into everyday life, helping to develop, find, and support evolving crypto projects. With Merkeleon technologies, your project will be a success!
    • mobile

      Seamless combination

      You can integrate launchpad with other platforms, say crypto exchange or NFT-marketplace, on a single site. To boost user experience, install a single-sign-on feature.

    • feature

      Purchase variations

      Instead of instantly purchasing tokens, users and investors can bid. For that, you can embed auction services for your project.

    • money

      Multiple currencies

      To create a convenient environment and get a bigger audience, you can install various currency options. Several fiat and crypto will leverage user experience.

    • Maximum protection

      For the complete security of your launchpad, you can implement a 2 factor authentication and KYC tools. That is how you can guarantee persistence for platform users.Z


    Why do clients turn to launchpad development services?

    Startups come to a launchpad to declare themselves. Then, platform admins select future-proofed projects and display them on the launchpad. Visitors, in turn, attend the launchpad to learn some details about fresh cryptocurrency projects.

    How does a launchpad work?

    Here is an example. A certain development team is planning to initiate their own crypto exchange. Developers can tell about their idea, show their expertise and background, reveal employees, demonstrate prototypes to the launchpad audience.

    Users, in exchange, evaluate the prospects of this project. If high-potential enough, they buy this crypto exchange tokens at a bargain price. That is when the project receives funds to finalize its development.

    What do clients need to invest?

    The investment procedure may vary from launchpad to launchpad. Even more, you can set your own rules. Nevertheless, during a standard procedure, a user will:

    1. Register in a launchpad;

    2. Create and verify a crypto wallet;

    3. Apply for a token sale;

    4. Buy launchpad tokens.

    What launchpads are reliable?

    • Binance Launchpad has been working for about 5 years and has managed to gain the trust of investors and developers;
    • AAH is a fairly young, promising service powered by a crypto exchange that checks new projects;
    • Polkastarter works best for projects working in the Polkadot ecosystem;
    • DuckStarter is a relatively new domain that has been operating since 2021, but has already gained popularity and high rating;
    • Coin List is honored for its careful selection of projects that brought investors significant profits;
    • TrustSwap has a unique tracking system that helps protect users from fraudsters.