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When it comes to online auctions, Merkeleon stands as the industry leader, delivering top-tier software solutions. Our online auction software is tailored for enterprise-level platforms. We are proud to have worked with esteemed clients such as Villeroy & Boch, Autocom Mexico, Carton, and many others.

Online auction platform

Advantages of Our Auction Software

At Merkeleon, we take online auctions to the next level by hosting our cutting-edge platform on dedicated cloud servers. Each project resides in a separate sub-cluster, ensuring unparalleled security, flexibility and scalability to meet your business needs.

Enhanced Security and Data Integrity

Your business deserves the utmost protection, and our software delivers it. With dedicated cloud hosting, we guarantee a higher level of security and data integrity, safeguarding your data and transactions.

Maximum Flexibility and Customization

Merkeleon understands that every business has distinct objectives. That's why our software offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your business goals. Customize every detail, from branding to functionality.

Limitless Scalability

Your growth potential should have no bounds. In our software, server resources are dynamically allocated to match your business goals. Experience endless scalability as your project expands and ensure optimal performance.

Where to use auction software?

Large Retail

Do you have remnants of goods or unsold old collections that need a profitable exit strategy? Large retailers can leverage the auction method to efficiently clear out overstock.

Wholesale and B2B Business

Wholesale companies and b2b businesses can find a valuable asset in our auction software. It provides a convenient platform for selling overstock to retailers or fellow businesses.

Vehicle Dealership

Auto dealerships, whether working with used vehicles or trade-ins, can elevate their sales strategy with auctions. Hosting an auction opens the doors to a larger pool of buyers.

Real Estate

Expand your reach to a global audience through property auctions. Whether you’re a real estate agency or a property developer, our real estate auction software can help you optimize the sale of real estate assets.

Art Dealership

High-end art and rare memorabilia find their ideal stage in online auctions. Art dealers and collectors can use our software to demonstrate and auction valuable items to a discerning audience.

Service Provider

Service-oriented businesses can boost sales during low-demand periods by auctioning time-limited offers. This approach suits any industry: entertainment, hospitality, consulting, etc.

Technology Companies

Tech companies that sell domain names can capitalize on their assets by hosting domain auctions. Our software ensures a smooth process to secure higher sales for these digital properties.


Farmers and agricultural enterprises can expand their market reach by auctioning livestock. Used or unneeded farm machinery can be efficiently auctioned off, optimizing resource allocation.


Hotels and accommodation providers can fill otherwise empty rooms by auctioning last-minute bookings. This strategy not only maximizes occupancy rates but also enhances revenue.

Media Companies

Media houses can monetize prime advertising slots by auctioning them to the highest bidder. This approach ensures that advertising inventory is leveraged effectively for optimal revenue generation.

Auction Types Guide

Here are the key characteristics of auction software models. You can pick standard software or modify it, combining the standard software with another model or editing some features.

Auction types
Auction types
Classic auction
Price goes up
Initial price gradually escalates
Seller presets time
Last maximal bid wins
Auction types
Reverse Auction
Price goes down
Buyer specifies minimum and maximum
Buyer presets time
First accepted offer wins
Auction types
Reveal Auction
Price goes up
Initial price gradually escalates
Seller presets time
Maximal bid wins
Auction types
Dutch Auction
Seller marks down the price
Initial overprice
Time is undefined
First bidder who agrees to buy this lot wins
Auction types
Penny auction
Price goes up
Initial understated price
Seller presets time that restarts after a bid
Last maximal bid wins
Auction types
Unique bid auction
Prices goes up or down
Initial price gradually escalates
Seller presets time
Unique minimal or maximal bid wins

Types of Auction Software

Experienced and established entrepreneurs can explore this classification of the auction software to find options that suit their budget and preferences.

Classic (English) Auction


It is a familiar type of traditional auction software to buy and sell any goods or services permitted by the country of placement. With every new bid, a starting price increases. The auction is complete as soon as the time goes up. To make sure the outcome will be advantageous for the seller, they may set a reserve price, that is the minimum price the seller is ready to offer their products for.


Penny Auction

It is the platform for a low bid auction. Here, a commodity or service goes at a minimum cost. Every bid is fixed. Bidders have to pay a fee or buy a fee package to partake in an auction. Every new bid relaunches a timer.


Reveal auction

This form of auction software presupposes that participants do not know the bids of other participants. In some subtypes, a bidder bids only once. In others, participants are aware of the current maximum bid but know nothing of the bidder. At the end of an auction, all bids are revealed.

Reverse Auction


In this auction software, buyers and sellers switch roles. Here, customers announce what they want to buy, and suppliers exhibit their offers. Thus, it is not buyers who try to outbid one another, but sellers. The price decreases automatically, so no one can guess when it might occur.


Reverse Dutch Auction

This auction format is based on the price reduction. At first, an auctioneer announces an excessive starting price. If no participant is willing to purchase this lot at a given cost, the price will go down after a preset time step, until someone buys the lot at a given cost. In this model, the auctioneer cannot state a reserve price.


Unique Bid Auction

The key feature of this auction software lies in the word unique. The unique bid can be either the highest or lowest, depending on stated prerequisites. Participants offer their prices, preliminary paying fees to bid. During this auction, the algorithm shows the bidder’s position in relation to others’.


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    How does auction software work and how to start platform?

    Merkeleon Internet Auction Software encompasses contemporary technology, on-trend design and stepped-up performance. With more than a decade of experience, Merkeleon has implemented its niche system for individuals, companies and corporations, adapting their work to online.
    This product is well-prepared for a launch, enabling customization and modification. The management interface features a balanced combination of simplicity and innovation. Extra components, innovative modules, and instruments lift this software to the market heights where the creme de la creme reign.


    It is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers. Here, the seller posts information about a purchase. The buyer participates in the announced competition, following the preset rules: submitting applications, making price offers, concluding contracts.
    If you want to run an online marketplace, all you need is to apply to this manageable Merkeleon program. Its central features are the security of transactions; many paying solutions, crypto included; user-friendly customizable interface; internal eCommerce inventory for promotion.

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    Online Auctions

    It is an online platform where users bid to win lots available for a limited time. Its prominent feature is its global nature that provides access to clients from any corner of the world. Such an approach expands geography and customer base.
    Merkeleon auction software uses a novel strategy for launching online auctions for any business. For more than 10 years of diligent endeavors, this flexible eCommerce program has yielded profit to customers worldwide. We not merely established top-rated online auctions but introduced great eCommerce trading portals like eBay.

    What is Auction Software?

    It is a bleeding-edge application to arrange auctions via the Internet. With this online software, in an auction, bidders and auctioneers come into contact with one another to obtain the most palatable conditions to cut deals.

    With the implementation of Merkeleon auction software, you will access myriads of potential sellers and customers ready to cooperate. This online software makes any auction available remotely, with a time limit regularly provided. Moreover, you can introduce various trading schemes, namely:

    • C2C


    • G2C


    • B2G


    • B2C


    • B2B


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    Вenefits of Auction Software

    Apart from the overt strengths of such programs as globality, time and trading methods, Merkeleon auction software has even more silver bullets to offer.

    Mobile Responsive

    Online auction
    Mobile Responsive

    Mobile rules this world. With this software, online mobile bidding is available to auction fans.

    24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

    Help is always one click away. Top auction software specialists will leave no stone unturned to fix your issue.

    Easy Catalogue Editing

    Online auction platform
    Easy Catalogue Editing

    Sorting and filtering are made extremely easy. Off with a necklace in a furniture section. You make it user-friendly and fancy.



    The diversity of payments is essential. And a whole array of international currencies at call, along with crypto options, unlock the door to zillions of users.

    Secure Online Payments

    Secure Online Payments

    Money doesn’t like to be unprotected. And it always wants to reach its users. Merkeleon auction software provides this guardianship with all complaisance.


    multi language auction platform

    Our world is manifold. It is only natural to respect and attract as many cultures as possible.

    Tools for Management

    auction platform website
    Tools for Management

    Get expedient means to customize your auction software and make it self-intuitive for bidders and auctioneers.

    API Suite

    API Suite

    Development made easy and time-saving. Cross-platform algorithms work together and enhance stability of operation.


    How much does the auction software cost?

    Generally, turnkey software is a well-balanced product, with regard to quality and price. The fee for implementation of every other type of auction, however, may slightly differ. Basic solutions start at 5,000 EUR for setup, with only one trading model that can further be extended. To get a broad consultation and an approximate price for your auction software, contact us.

    What are the characteristics of a bidder?

    According to statistics, these are the residents of urban areas who site some online auctions using this software. An average active bidder is a middle-aged university graduate who works as a qualified specialist, goes online every day, and shops from home.

    Can bidders conspire?

    The software for online auction technology reduces this risk to a minimum through multiple managerial programs that approve bids within seconds. In addition, a host can place bid limits.

    What is the purpose of the auction software?

    Online auction is based on the software that builds a digital system where buyers and sellers meet. Such cooperation brings fruit to every party in this chain: a merchant gets their profit from sales, a client collects their desired item, an auction software provider gains fees from merchants.

    Is online bidding valid?

    All documents are signed by participants with an electronic signature that guarantees legal force, just like paper documentation. The electronic signature makes it easy to manage all data-related issues in case of a disputes.

    What type of auction software is the best?

    There is no univocal answer since every software system for an online auction serves different purposes. For example, a Dutch type may be a perfect way out if your platform specializes in selling goods at a minimal cost.

    What is the future of online auctions?

    As the world is striving towards new programs that will close deals in a digital environment, auction software is more in demand than ever. Thus, it is prudent to acquire software tools for an online auction and start something as flourishing as eBay. The quicker you jump on the bandwagon, the more prosperous future awaits you.

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