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Partner programs occupy a large marketing segment. Such programs are beneficial for both parties. In essence, your responsibility is to attract new partners. For that, you get the reward prescribed in our mutual agreement.


Which Merkeleon products participate in the partner program?

We develop a bunch of products that you can choose to represent with your marketing techniques. You can pick one or combine multiple products to promote.

Crypto Exchange

The major advantages of a crypto exchange are quick transactions, online status of operations, 24/7 functioning and prompt support.

NFT Marketplace

Creators can put their works on NFT marketplaces, where collectors and investors can buy them. Such platforms are secure and transparent, with instant operation.

Crypto Processing

For businesses, crypto payments imply greater geographical coverage for a bigger audience, censorship resistance for fail-free operation and lower fees.


Their benefits include powerful traffic of potential buyers living all over the world, new stores that can quickly enter the marketplace and optimised advertising costs.


Auctions are an efficient means for selling because they are flexible and allow getting the maximum price; sellers can see the demand and set the optimal price.

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How to collaborate with Merkeleon?

The Merkeleon partner program is oriented to increase brand awareness with the help of our dedicated partners. With you, we can promote quality technologies to the world more efficiently. As an appreciation to your effort, we return thanks in the form of reimbursement, a great incentive for our further fruitful collaboration.

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    You send a request

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    We contact you

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    Negotiation is on

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    Collaboration starts


Referral Bonus

We stick to a transparent bonus system and are open to trustful collaboration with you. Your reimbursement may contain the percent of setup payment for each attracted partner. Other possible solutions we offer you:

  • One-off payment or partnership
  • Regional legal representation
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