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Downward price auction where a seller, to seal a deal, gradually cuts a price Buyers in real-time witness competing suppliers lower prices. When a buyer is content with a price, they confirm the order. Partake may be public or private, free or fee-based.

The Merkeleon platform provides multiple options for reverse auction customization and adaptation to your business process. Using this reverse auction software, you can run any type of online bidding website, like an auction for buying/selling, bidding for the best price, a regular Dutch auction, a system with multiple designs of reverse auctions, etc.

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Why choose Merkeleon?

The Merkeleon team constantly builds up experience and eagerly shares it with customers providing systematic updates and new solutions. The long-term prolific collaboration and thriving relations are the integral components we value in our business operations.

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All in 1 Solution

The goal of this digital auction is to scale up profit for entrepreneurs and offer cost-efficient goods and services for buyers. It is a splendid system that promptly attracts emergent customers and consequent income. With this user-friendly interface, you get a flexible and convenient management platform that enables a smooth flow of auctions and deals. Moreover, you will have

  • Platform for various reverse auction modes
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Absolute confidentiality for bidders
  • Data import and export
  • Elaborate marketing inventory
  • Reserve price option

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With our launch-ready system, you can rapidly start up your own reverse (Dutch) auction. That will allow you to save time and budget substantially and dedicate them to promotion. You get a prepared website for reverse auctions, easily adaptable to your needs. Plus, you get quality service, favourable terms, and high performance. Access the demo version now!
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General Features

General Features

  • Unlimited number of users and products
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Flexible fee settings
  • Multiple kinds of reverse auction software
  • Integration with payment and analytics systems
  • In-build commentable auction blog
  • Multilingual interface
  • Finance management
  • Data export and import
  • Login via social networks
  • Overt/covert participant list
  • Fiat and cryptocurrency
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Integrated CRM and reporting system
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Types of reverse auction

Auction websites gain more popularity every year. The sooner you realize their advantageous nature, the more prosperous your business will become because your competitors will stay behind. Today we provide many options to create an attractive website for a bidding auction based on the reverse variety.


Purchasing products/services

One buyer - many suppliers who offer their items. The buyer picks the winning offer directly.

Selling products/services

One supplier - many buyers who bid to obtain goods. The highest bid wins.



All bids are revealed, but their holders remain anonymous.


Only an auction holder, or a buyer in a reverse platform, knows all bids. A winner is chosen manually. A supplier can see their rate to the winning position.

Supplier’s admission


Any supplier can register and attend procurement bidding.


procurers undergo preliminary pre-screening and approval.


no one but invited providers can partake in an auction.


Best price

The highest bid wins.

Best value

The bid with the most favourable terms for a buyer wins.

Blockchain & NFT Reverse Auction Software
The NFT is gaining its momentum. Today is the day to get down to working with this new asset class. As this field is developing, it is reaching more participants every day. And this is high time you launched your platform that will combine the reverse auction inventory with NFTs, allowing more users to explore new technologies.


We anticipate your possible requests for additional information about a reverse auction to zestfully respond to your inquiries.

How do online auction websites work?

Just like at offline auctions, there are sellers, bidders, winners, and losers. Before using such websites, visitors should sign up. Bidding is often time-limited and closes at its expiration. In most cases, it is free to bid, that is, only if a bidder wins, the provider will contact the winner for payment arrangements. Still, some types of auctions require paying beforehand.

What are the advantages of auctions over stores?

There are multiple types of auctions where you can hold sales. In this regard, online auctions are more flexible. You do not need to constantly monitor the flow. You simply check the maximum bid in the end. Online auctions have redefined shopping sales and become a better way to reach clients.

Are online auctions allowed in my country?

Each country has its legislation concerning this aspect. To get comprehensive information on this matter, you can contact the Merkeleon team, and our legal experts will surely guide you on your country’s jurisdiction in virtual biddings.

What software is better for a launch: developed from scratch or ready-made?

It plays no role as far as the quality is preserved. Yet still, newly-made software usually requires more launch time because certain adjustments should be made and some bugs fixed. The Merkeleon product for a reverse auction comprises 10 years of experience; it is easily modifiable, thus resulting in time and money savings.

Why does a reverse auction exist?

This model is convenient and efficient in the electronic trading of those assets whose market price is undetermined. Besides, it is also suitable for selling low-demand products.

How does a price break occur?

At first, an owner sets a price and number of reduction stages. Then, the start date is announced when buyers can bid. Eventually, biddings and price cuts take place, after which a winner is identified.

What is a reverse auction applicable for?

In this auction, the price declines so its purpose is reversed compared to more traditional auctions: to obtain more goods at the lowest price. The reverse bidding process is dynamic; suppliers compete for a contract, offering alternatives and competing with one another. A reverse auction is a top-notch method for sourcing goods and services.

Types of reverse auction available

Depending on procedure

Auction to buy product/service

Buyers get price offers from the suppliers according to the product/service requirements.

The winner is chosen manually by the buyer.

Auction to sell product/service

Sellers get different price offers from the buyers. Usually the winner is the one who offers the highest price for the product.

Depending on winner evaluation criteria

Best price auction

The most preferable price is considered as the winning bid.

Best value auction T

he winning bid is the one providing the most favourable conditions for the buyer.

Depending on supplier visibility

Visible price auction

Bid prices are known by all the participants but the identity of the other bidders is unknown.

Invisible price auction

Bids are hidden for all participants except the buyer; the winner is chosen manually by the buyer at the end of the auction. Suppliers are only aware of where they are in relation to the “winner”.

Depending on suppliers permissions

Free access

Any supplier can register at an auction and take part in the bidding process.

Moderation or limited access

1. Suppliers are pre-screened and approved before the auction.

2.Only invited suppliers can take part in the auction.

Why are reverse auctions so popular?

Quick audience growth

Internet communication growth will pursue reverse auction script development attracting more and more participants. This is an opportunity to have a great number of both buyers and suppliers at once.

Supply chain creation

Reverse auction is the evolution of the supply chain. It provides the most rapid way to get a profitable offer from the best suppliers

So why not create your own?

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