Blockchain Software Development Services

We provide blockchain development solutions for never-failing and stable blockchain-based products. Our certified specialists have deep expertise in blockchain and its role in business transformation. Merkeleon offers advisory and technical assistance in the development and implementation of blockchain solutions. We will share our experience with you and refine your business processes.

Blockchain Software Development Services

Blockchain Development Solutions For

custom exchange script
Decentralized NFT Marketplaces

We offer customized design and development service for NFT marketplaces, from token development to full metaverse platforms.

Launchpad Ecosystem Component
Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

We create software for a crypto wallet and exchange equipped with functions for trading blockchain tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

DApps and Tokens

We develop decentralized applications that can become parts of your ecosystem. Blockchain app development helps to build innovative projects.

What do Blockchain Development Services Include?

Our developers and partners have a solid experience in creating blockchain technologies and configuring custom blockchain solutions. We can integrate software, modify its functionality and introduce these functions:
  • Smart Contracts

    Smart contract development automate transactions, increase trust and prevent third-party authentications. Clients operate in a flawless, risk-free environment.

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain allows a client to use a record keeping book confidentially and jointly. The data inside blockchains is unforgeable and corruption-resistant.

  • feature

    Web Apps

    Web applications deliver blockchain technologies to users. Our developers build software for exchanges and wallets.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile applications make a product accessible from anywhere. We create high-quality mobile solutions, from technical specifications to publishing at stores.

  • Tech Support

    Technical assistance leverages processes and improves operability. We offer a full-stuck quality assurance: the launch, management, control, transferring of software.

Blockchain in Use

Blockchains advance the speed of operations, reduces costs, improves the quality, reliability and application of services in many spheres. Blockchain solutions can leverage the work of the supply chain, simplify bookkeeping, contribute to your insurance enterprise. The blockchain service brings transparency and reliability to many industries.



In the crypto industry, the blockchain has become the technological basis. It is the essence of tokenization. Tokenization is a form of asset securitization that stems from mass investor demand.



With blockchain, banking is safer, more trusted and transparent. All operations now utilize blockchain: money transfers, settlements in securities operations, letters of credit, KYC relevance.



Each node saves a copy of the entire database. It makes the system viable if single nodes get hacked. Blockchain apps can be used to attach real identity data to cryptographic data in a database.



Personal data is sent to a user’s digital profile stored on a blockchain. In such a system, individuals can control their identity data, grant or revoke access to them. Privacy becomes a priority.

Voting system

Voting system

Blockchain can be used to create secure and honest voting systems. By using a blockchain-based voting system, pollers can track their votes and verify the results of the election.



In the medical sphere, blockchain can be used for managing healthcare data. Patients can control clinical records, grant or revoke access to them. Information can be easily accessed by several doctors.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Blockchain can be used for a tamper-proof record of ownership. Smart contracts can automate property transactions. Plus, fractional ownership is possible when multiple investors own a stake in a property.



In education, blockchain can ensure hack-resistant records of academic degrees and certifications, that can be easily verified. These records can be shared with employers and other institutions.

Blockchain and IoT

Blockchain is a continuation to the process of developing technologies and meeting business needs. It goes along with other solutions, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning. The interaction of these key components allows users to reach vital analytical information.

With the IoT, conventional IT systems do not cope with the huge amount of generated data. The load, speed and variety of data produced by the IoT can overcharge enterprise systems or limit the ability to make timely decisions. Blockchain distributed ledger technology is potent to solve the scalability problem. Besides, it adds security and integrity.

Advantages of Blockchain Services

Blockchain is able to establish trust between partnering parties by providing authoritative, shared data. All information can be kept in a single system located on a network that authorized parties can access. Other major advantages of a blockchain include:
  • Continuity

    Every transaction block contains a link to the previous block and to the next one.

  • Distribution

    Each participant of the transaction stores a copy of transaction hashes.

  • Security

    Transactions are encoded with 256-bit encryption and cannot be forged or tampered.

  • feature


    Smart contracts accelerate business processes and take up their performance.

Why choose Merkeleon?

Merkeleon has been developing crypto solutions for hundreds of companies and startups since 2010. Such an extensive background is an invaluable means for businesses looking to navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Our software solutions are highly customizable. With our innovations, businesses can tailor software to their specific strategy. Such flexibility can be especially far-reaching for businesses with unique requirements or specialized niches.

Development Process of Blockchain Services in our Company


We investigate your case beforehand and make a conclusion about the feasibility of using the blockchain in your business. If necessary, we offer more suitable alternatives.

Proof of Concept

We recommend our clients to start the project with a Proof of Concept. Our certified consultants and developers will help you check the viability of your idea without wasting your budget.


We use a set of solid blockchain technologies and tools to create a flawless blockchain-based solution. Our specialists furnish data security and compliance with your requirements.


We verify the correspondence to existing specifications, conduct testing for vulnerabilities, analyze code architecture. You get a detailed report on the shortcomings and how to eliminate them.


What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database that contains information about any transaction carried out by the participants of the system. The data is kept as a chain of blocks. Each block stores the records of several transactions.

Think of a necklace. Each bead is a block or a record of an action that cannot be destroyed. Thus, the blockchain is an unbreakable digital record of transactions. This technology can improve the efficiency of monetary transactions. Besides, it can modify the way information is distributed among individuals, corporations and public sectors.

What are the disadvantages of a blockchain?

Its minuses primarily concern technical aspects. First, scalability. Many popular distributed ledger systems fail to process a high load of transactions. It slows down the turnover and transaction processing.

Another disadvantage is the lack of confidentiality due to the quasi-anonymity. Some blockchains are vulnerable to hacker attacks and to the so-called 51% attacks — when, in full compliance with the rules of the system, a coalition of users with large computer capacities can change records in a blockchain. This process is similar to how a majority shareholder takes control in joint-stock companies.

In addition, regulatory and legal risks, as well as sometimes overwhelming resource and energy intensity, may impose risks.

Nevertheless, if used as an add-on to working mechanics, blockchains are capable of systematizing information. Also, they can guarantee resilience and stability to the data kept within.

How much does blockchain development services cost in Merkeleon?

The cost of blockchain development solutions depends on the technology stack, design complexity, integration with a third-party service, to name a few. If your budget is limited, choose one platform that will cover the largest target audience.

Our experienced developers work within the framework of market hourly rates according to the time & material model for custom projects. Blockchain software development starts from 30,000 USD. Smart contract solutions cost from 5,000 to 10,000 USD. A single app for iOS devices will cost from 15,000 USD.

Is blockchain development cost-effective?

Investments in blockchain software development pay off in 2 years. In our projects, we help customers reduce costs by establishing agile practices that amp up development and drive payback from blockchain.

What blockchain development platforms do you work on?

In our development processes, we employ the following platforms: Solana, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Polygon, React, Web3.

How to hire the best blockchain development company?

Sound blockchain development companies should have a firm understanding of this technology. Among them, the ability to develop and deploy smart contracts, design and implement consensus algorithms and work with blockchain platforms like Ethereum or Hyperledger.

A reliable blockchain development company should also have a strong portfolio of completed blockchain projects and references from previous clients.


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