Software development and maintenance

When you assign technical maintenance to a team of developers, you save your budget and time. Such an approach enables quick and efficient support because specialists know their product and can easily improve on its aspects.


Technical support for

Crypto exchange

Stability and flawless operation are key features on an exchange where any minor gap can cost everything.

Crypto wallet

Permanent safety of a wallet cannot be neglected. The latest updates from developers and attack control can minimize failures.

Crypto marketplace

Investors and traders choose a marketplace with the highest performance. Even the slightest error should be instantly fixed.

Crypto processing

The major advantages of crypto deals are speed, transparency and irreversibility of transactions. These should remain.

NFT platform

These environments gradually require even more skill to keep them stable 24/7 because other protocols for NFT are used.

Auction project

In auctions, where every second matters, professionals should know the process and how to keep the flow seamless.

Multi-vendor marketplace

On platforms where many sellers and buyers collaborate, it is vital that a team keep an attentive and experienced eye.

Technical support involves

High-quality technical maintenance is a guarantor of stable operation and adaptability to shifts in business processes and legislation. It reduces client risks, enables a software timely and adequate response and enhances safety of information.


You can expand the functionality of existing platforms based on Merkeleon software and adjust it to your business goals.


For a more productive collaboration and in-depth product comprehension, we can arrange staff development for your team.


Our specialists advise you on efficient ways of implementation and the essential functionality for successful operating.


We analyse your wishes, decompose them and create specifications that will help your business to achieve ambitious goals.


As your business grows, it needs a larger feature set: cloud hosting, advanced administration, infrastructure scaling.


Automated 24/7 safety and calling rates control is what helps your business stay safe and operate in a meaningful way.


You get a project manager who can help your business with communications and platform development planning.


The technical support team promptly responds to requests within the service-level agreement.

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    Cryptocurrency exchange

    Cryptocurrency exchanges are a basic tool for any customer, beginner or professional. With the growing interest, crypto exchange is a wise investment.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    NFT marketplace software

    White-label software for the NFT environment can boost your business and take it in another direction. Innovative. Progressive. Leading.

    nft platform

    Multi-vendor marketplace

    Many vendors can get presented on your platform. You only need turnkey software and a professional team behind it.

    multi vendor marketplace platform

    E-procurement software

    Electronic procurement procedures can increase efficiency and output for any business when routine paperwork is carried out automatically.

    e-procurement auction

    Cryptocurrency processing

    Businesses that have cryptocurrency as an alternative for financial transactions overtake their fiat-only counterparts.

    crypto processor

    Classic English auction

    Ready-made software for classic auctions helps to start a new business or invigorate an existing enterprise with an auction feature.

    classic auction

    Reverse Dutch auction

    This auction model presupposes a downward movement of a price and fits best procurement processes when many vendors fight for the customer.

    reverse dutch auction

    Reveal price auction

    Software for reveal auction can add a tone of game to a reverse auction flow. The price is hidden and bidders cut it down.

    reveal auction

    Penny bid auction

    This bidding model looks very much like a classic auction. Here are distinguishing features: minimal initial price, minimal bidding step and maximal thrill.

    penny auction

    Unique bid auction

    When you introduce this auction, users of your platform will bid only to make their bid unique, be it the lowest or the highest one.

    unique bid auction platform