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Add value to your business by replacing tedious paperwork and laborious email tenders with this e-bidding platform. This highly automated e-procurement instrument featuring tender specifications, along with advertising techniques, makes procurement more transparent. Costs reduction. Revenue advance.

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With the Merkeleon E-procurement algorithm, your contracts will be prepared automatically. This is how you can save time and guard your budget. In the meanwhile, your business efficiency grows. No more tedious manual activities like paperwork and email correspondence. The software is ready and waiting for you to implement it in your existing enterprise or start a business afresh.


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General Features

Merkeleon procurement software takes the systematizing of all business processes to the next level. You can create purchases within minutes. A flexible bidding procedure allows making any purchase like an arrow from a bow. Moreover, you can appoint employees to manage procured items.
  • feature

    Unlimited number of products

    An operator can prepare as many items as their business can cater for. Thus, it gains contacts with more customers.

  • feature

    Integration with analytics systems

    With this software, operators can easily manage and assess information, keep track of possible counterfeiting.

  • Advanced auction configuration

    With advanced bidding, a seller announces their auction launch in advance. It invites more customers and increases demand.

  • feature

    Integration with payment systems

    The interactability of this software with numerous payment services makes reimbursement a cinch.

  • feature

    Data export and import

    In e-commerce, procurement is made transparent and labour-reducing. All documents are easily imported and exported.

  • feature

    Autobid system

    A bidder sets the maximum to spend in an auction, while software bids until they win the tender or run out of the budget.

  • feature

    Multilingual interface

    “More languages” means “more customers”. This software can cope with any procurement task, regardless of a language.

  • mobile


    Mobile devices are a portable instrument to procure, supervise and keep up with the flow of an auction.

  • feature

    Internal auction blog

    Reviews, expert articles, the latest news from digital auction companies, solutions for ERP and whatnot in one section.

  • feature

    Emails and SMS alerts

    Clients stay tuned and can decide on their next move in a New York minute. Tenders need constant monitoring.

  • feature

    Finance management

    It is convenient to manage all financial tasks in a suitable domain adjusted to particular business specifics.

  • Settings

    Flexible fee settings

    Sellers can manipulate fees and specify them according to product features, delivery destination and so on.

  • feature

    Integrated CRM and reporting systems

    It is convenient to manage all financial tasks in a suitable domain adjusted to particular business specifics.

  • money

    Fiat and cryptocurrency

    There is a mounting number of companies that introduce crypto to their payment processes, which attracts more vendors.

Platform Advantages

With the help of this e-software, procurement is made easy: suppliers find products, review requirements and apply for bidding. All stages occur remotely, with the electronic submission of documents.

Quick verification

procurement platform software

Reduced tender time

Advanced tender specifications

Assistance during tenders

Reduced expenses


Improved audit tracking

Automatic routine tasks

Quality control

best online procurement platform

Smart supplier response

procurement bidding software

Increased transparency

all in one procurement platform

Perfectly Designed For Your Business Field And Needs

This software facilitates work for customers and suppliers, shaving off costs for the customer and eliminating non-price competition for the supplier.

E-Sales Service

It allows you to manage consumers' requests most rationally, and provide products for the best price. Generally, searching for suitable items in outdated catalogues and then trying to get a supplier’s details about goods, price, and delivery takes too much time and energy that you could have retargeted to making money. Using this platform, however, you will preserve your precious hours and cut down expenses because of a broad selection of manufacturers and their overt competition.

E-Procurement Service

It allows a manufacturer to buy goods and services, and sensibly manage the supply chain. The arrangement of regular trading events is quite pricey, and only a limited number of participants can attend them due to geographical accessibility. E-procurement software tackles this matter and gives way to all willing contractors who meet requirements. Working with the Merkeleon platform, you upload all necessary documents for procurement just once to use them in a further application.

Why Does Merkeleon Procurement Software Have A Clear Advantage?

The advantageous nature of this program is hard to deny. Apart from the obvious benefits, like time saving and cost reduction, this product has something more to offer.

  • The procurement process becomes more transparent and effective
  • Automatization of routine tasks saves energy and pumps up productivity
  • It optimizes expenses that can be allocated to other expense items
  • Leakage becomes impossible because all transactions are registered
  • The anti-fraud solution establishes trusted ties in a digital business
  • Automatic purchases scale down errors and promotes the output 

Our clients say that before they implemented this e-procurement software, they had to search for customers, collect commercial offers and choose winners. With this service, the process got simplified significantly and transparency became explicit. Moreover, they highlight decrease in expenses that starts at 5% for an auction.

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Merkeleon reviews: popular stories from our customers.

My first impression of the Merkeleon company was good and so far my guess has been correct. We are still working on the evaluation and understanding of the user’s real needs and are happy to have such a long term relation with Merkeleon. We are satisfied with the smoothness, look and feel of the software and have plans to develop our platform to get the complete competitive solution.

Javier Barragán Ruíz
Javier Barragán Ruíz

CEO at Carton.com Packaging and Containers, 11-50 employees, Used the software for: 12-24 months


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    more Product Features

    How to Choose the Best E-Procurement Platform

    Before the introduction of any e-procurement software, you should investigate its details and pinpoint some primary characteristics. Forum discussions may do. Online software reviewers can also help to set a reliable developer. Let’s look at the technical aspects that show the quality of the product.

    Integration With Legacy Systems

    High productivity of SaaS e-procurement software can be achieved through its top-level collaboration with the set-up technology, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and an existing program.

    Mobile Procurement Software

    A mobile app adds to a company’s client base, bringing active purchasers who value time, portability and close contacts with their provider because mobile stands for immediate response.

    Advanced Data Reporting

    This electronic procurement application should have native reporting technology to inform customers about new vendors, upcoming tenders, new offers, fraudulent actions, etc.

    The Right Buyer-Supplier Match

    Companies should engage in mutual business relations. That is to say, partners can modify their offers based on conditions that will be favourable for all engaged members. Besides, it is recommended that each party know about the specifics of the industry they collaborate with.


    Application of Emerging Technologies

    The ability of such web programs to adopt modern technologies like AI and blockchain offers more opportunities at the same price. For that, you can introduce new programs based on the latest updates into the existing portal, thus expanding options for you and your clients.


    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    The resulting price of the procurement portal implementation should stay in the right balance with the saved money and future profit. It is essential to make preliminary analyses and calculations to measure these parameters only to arrive at a well-considered decision.


    What Is An E-Tender Platform?

    It is an online electronic portal where vendors buy goods and services. A provider places an auction while a supplier registers on the platform and bids to get this purchase order. In compliance with the rules, the winner should offer the best price and meet the requirement.

    What Are The Advantages Of Electronic Tenders For Suppliers?

    What makes it a valuable asset is this software capability to quicken a digital procurement process. It offers suppliers a momentary and convenient search for information about new purchases, decreases the average price, cuts down the time and money on applying, brings more profit by receiving the same quantity at a lower cost.

    What Are The Advantages Of Web Procurement For Manufacturers?

    With expenses ease, namely working automation, and cost reduction for conducting tenders, a manufacturer can dedicate these free resources to ERP management. No need to waste energy reaching suppliers via email. All requests are automatically processed in the program. A cloud-based transparent procurement process enables 24/7/365 contact with suppliers globally.

    Which Packages Does Merkeleon Offer For Businesses?

    Based on your wishes and requisites, the extended toolset of this Merkeleon program provides you with different applicable suits for your industry, with no need to pay for options you needn’t employ.

    1. Basic. The essential SaaS platform tools.
    2. Advanced. The Expanded platform functionality and ERP/CRM integration.
    3. Enterprise. One elaborate inventory for a successful business operation.

    What Spheres Of Business Are Suitable For Such Platforms?

    There are no limitations as to particular industries. Nevertheless, IT, finance, agriculture, construction, telecommunication, logistics, retail, and engineering are now taking the leading positions. Still, if your industry is not yet represented, it means that you can become a pioneer on this online platform and introduce your own ideas.

    How Can I Contact My Clients?

    To notify all necessary partners, you chiefly fill in the form of email addresses, insert your invitation or offer message, and click the send button. You can also invite suppliers to make an offer on your purchase if you do not have enough or want a new supplier to partake.

    Are There Unreliable Suppliers On This E-Platform?

    As soon as you get acquainted with the domain, you will see that the system protects your assets and dispels fears. This service examines every user and does not green-light suspicious marketers or providers.