e-Procurement platform

Save costs and increase your business efficiency, replacing the manual paper- or email-based tender procedures with an essential innovative ready-to-use element of your re-engineering process

With a highly automated e-Procurement system that includes tender specification, advertising, tender aggregation and evaluation, your contracts can be prepared and placed with ease, procurement process can become transparent, costs and purchase time can be reduced, while the revenue – increased!

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E-Sales Platform

E-Sales platform allows to manage consumers requests in the best and most effective way, and sell for the best price.

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E-Procurement platform

Solution allows the manufacturer to buy goods & services, manage the supply chain in the most effective way.

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What advantages e-Procurement Business Customers get

  • Reduced tender cycle time and procurement costs
  • Provision of quality management information
  • Fast evaluation process for disqualifying suppliers who fail to meet the tender specification
  • Faster responses to questions and points of clarification during the tender period
  • Reduction in the labour-intensive tasks of receipt, recording and the distribution of tender submissions
  • Paper trail reduction in tendering procedures, reducing costs to both councils and suppliers
  • Improved audit tracking, increasing the integrity and transparency of the tender process
  • Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response
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General Features

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Flexible commission settings
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Analytics system integration
  • Multilingual interface
  • Data export and import
  • Autobid system
  • Mobile friendly
  • Emails and SMS alerts
  • Advanced auction configuration
  • Advanced auction configuration
  • Internal auction blog
  • Finance management
  • Fiat and crypto currency support
  • Integrated CRM and reporting system

What is e-Tender platform?

Basically, it is a tender/auction platform that allows manufacturers to buy goods and services in the best and most effective way.

Manufacturers place an auction for purchase, suppliers register on the platform and make bids. The winner is the supplier who offered the best price and conditions. This procurement solution helps manufacturers to decrease procurement costs.

e-Tender mode

The company runs procurement via the e-Tender platform for all existing and new suppliers and thus receives the best offers from them, lowers an average price and gets more profit due to receiving the same quantity of purchased products or services at a lower cost.

Benefits for the manufacturer:

The manufacturer gets the best purchase price for products and services, which decreases his expenses.

No need to engage with suppliers via email and spend the time for all information clarification and procurement process. All requests from the suppliers will be automatically processed in the system.

Transparent procurement process.

Ability to get offers 24h/7 from suppliers from all over the world via the e-Tender platform.

Increase the number of new suppliers.

Which packages does Merkeleon offer for businesses:

Merkeleon helps you to cut setup costs by applying the right package to your business. There is no need to pay for options you don’t use.

1. Start

This solution includes basic platform options and designs.

2. Advanced

Expanded platform functionality and ERP/CRM integration.

3. Enterprise

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