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Unique Bid Auction Software to Combine Racing and Trading

In this auction model the winning bid is unique, or one-of-a-kind, either the lowest or the highest, based on the script. Participants don’t know how others bid. There can be no bid identical to the winning one. Even a cent is critically important.

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The initial price in a unique bid auction is usually not stated. The time to make a bid is limited. It flows like this. Each participant offers their value rate. Sometimes, especially in the lowest unique bid script, the minimum is defined. To make a bid, customers pay a fee. The only holdback is the bidder’s solvency. This type of tender is gaining momentum because it has the potential to generate stable profit for operators and provide exciting bidding for participants.


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Product Features

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    Data export and import

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    Mobile application

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    Login via social networks

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    Email and SMS alerts

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    Unlimited users and goods

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    CRM and reporting system

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    Overt or covert auction

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    Multilingual interface

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    Adaptable bidding

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    Finance management

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    Auction blog

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    Flexible fees

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    Fiat and cryptocurrency support

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    Payment and analytics systems

All-in-1 Solution

For implementing a unique bid model, you get a turnkey script with an intuitive interface, modifiable administration and full management inventory. Operators and their customers can effectively interact.

Fixed price

Online auction
Fixed price

If a customer wants to purchase some product, avoiding the whole bidding procedure, they can simply order it at a fixed price. Fair enough, the price can be lower or higher than that during bidding. Yet, this is how a seller and buyer secure a deal and achieve their respective goals.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods attract a bigger audience, diverse in preferable methods of payment. In addition to the most common fiat currencies, there are many cryptocurrencies that are appearing on many digital platforms and serve as a convenient tool for transactions.



All the data required for bidding remains confidential. Advanced SSL encryption ensures the platform’s safety. Plus, operators can arrange public or private auctions to invite certain individuals. Operators can also reveal or conceal the list of participants so that no one could access or corrupt the data.

Limited bids

Limited bids

With this feature, an operator can set a limit, the minimum or maximum, depending on the model of bidding. It can guarantee that the final price is not too low and the seller and your platform won’t go bankrupt.

Advanced marketing

Reverse Auction
Advanced marketing

Marketing is responsible for promoting a product or service to a customer when they most need it. To achieve this goal, we have numerous tools, like ads, maintenance service, marketing research, etc. It’s not enough to use some particular techniques – they should be applied at certain stages in combination with other tactics.

Lowest and highest unique bid

Lowest and highest unique bid

You can choose the lowest unique bid auction software, the highest, or implement them both. In the latter case, operators can arrange their tenders more efficiently because they have all the necessary tools available.

Strategies for users

There is no universal win-win method, but a few approaches can raise your chances and increase your odds.

As many bids as possible

This logic works for bidders with a handsome budget. A bidder makes all possible entries starting with the lowest unique bid extending to the maximum. This strategy requires more spending but less chance for others to overtake the bidder.

Bid per interval

This approach is more budget-friendly. A player bids at definite steps - for example, 0.7, 0.14, 0.21, etc. - or randomly bids in some ranges to cover a broader span of values. In this case, a player can see what range is more likely to bring victory.

Mixed bids

This strategy is the most budget-savvy yet the riskiest in terms of winning. A bidder has to follow the auction from the very start till the end. No automated bids can be employed. The participant is the one to choose when and how much to bid.


Merkeleon reviews: popular stories from our customers.

“Alex and his team in Merkeleon are an outstanding tech / custom-dev solutions shop! They are the *true* FinTech and *true* Crypto experts who deliver end-to-end projects with any level of complexity. I really appreciate the white glove service provided by Alexey’s team with everything from the technology decisions to the support of our business development strategies. Amazing experience! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a vendor who will work as if they are a business partner.”

Victor Vilmont
Victor Vilmont

President & CEO at Unique Exchange Inc

Auction rules

A facilitator puts out an item indicating its retail cost and the end time. Buyers, to partake in the bidding, buy bids at a price stated by the owner. It secures the owner’s profits in cases when an expensive product is sold at a much lower price. In paid auctions, the in-build system automatically validates the total sum of bids. If its value doesn’t reach the preset value, all entries get back to their bidders.

Participants seek to make a one-shot entry which can be either the lowest in the lowest unique bid script or the other way around. If some bid recurs at least twice, all of its instances become invalid. Depending on the software mode, the lowest or highest entry wins.

Bidders can’t see each other’s bids, only the leader’s name without the bid amount. Nevertheless, participants track their personal bids on a separate board, where invalid ones become red and potentially winning ones are highlighted green.

At the end of the auction, if no offering is unique – which hardly ever happens – the product remains unsold.

Note! These auctions can be either paid or free for partakers.

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    What is the benefit of auction sites for providers?

    These sites are practical tools. They allow an owner to receive a maximum profit via auctioning as opposed to market sales mechanisms. In addition, auctions facilitate transaction transparency, quick deals, and help to expand geography.

    What is the benefit of auction sites for partakers?

    An auction is a real opportunity to purchase items at favourable prices. It saves time and energy while offering various products, all licensed and certified. Its digital nature promotes international cooperation. Plus, in-app notifications keep customers up-to-date anywhere at any time.

    Why is turnkey software better?

    Well-developed and tested applications are superior to their freshly created analogues because of their low chance for bugs and complications. Matured software undergoes multiple updates and improvements that make it more reliable.

    Why use the Merkeleon app?

    With the Merkeleon system, you get not only a ready-to-set solution, but also a team of dedicated professionals to ensure a successful partnership.

    Can I modify the Merkeleon app?

    This software is highly flexible and customizable. So, there will be no problems adjusting this system to your wishes and preferences.

    What is the point of the lowest unique bid auction?

    As a rule, participation in this variation of bidding is fee-based. For that reason, providers still gain their profit, even when selling a lot at a low price. While bidders, nevertheless, purchase items on favourable terms, at a lower cost than the market average.

    What items are suitable for these auctions?

    All sorts of goods can be auctioned. Usually, for low demand or sector-specific products, operators set the lowest unique bid model. Lush or exotic commodities, in many cases, draw appraisers who tend to rate these items high.