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Merkeleon Exchange Software has successfully passed audit by Kaspersky Lab

By |October 22nd, 2018

When elaborating financial trading applications it is highly important to pay due consideration to some of the key factors that crucially affect the success of the Operator’s business, as well as his personal credibility.

From the depth of our experience we would recommend to pay particular attention to security measures to ensure  software reliability, for even insignificant vulnerabilities can lead to financial losses or leakage of a user’s confidential information. Moreover, in terms of security it is very important to not only rely on your own expertise (even if it counts more than ten years in FinTech), but also on the external insight of market leaders.

To make sure that our internal and external security policies comply with the company’s business goals, as well as with the stated level of the solutions provided, Merkeleon continuously improves the technology of its implemented solutions, both applying internal resources and external analyses by cybersecurity experts.

In September we accomplished security audit of our crypto exchange platform in liaison with Kaspersky Lab. Merkeleon is the world’s first turnkey platform that passed an external audit, and in this way initiated a new practice in this industry.

In the course of our collaboration Kaspersky Lab experts noted high level of reliability of the cryptocurrency software product, as well as high coordination and efficiency in cooperation with the technical team and the management.

Thanks to the detailed report on the results of the audit, we made the appropriate changes to the product resulting in solution security level enhancement.

If you’d like to get more details to the turnkey crypto exchange solution, please visit the following page about crypto exchange software or feel free to contact us and get free demo or professional consultation.

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