Merkeleon at Block Show Europe 2018 in Berlin - Merkeleon

Merkeleon at Block Show Europe 2018 in Berlin

By |May 26th, 2018
Merkeleon at Block Show Europe 2018 in Berlin

Professionals, speakers, innovators and investors will gather in Berlin to discuss the Blockchain technology and to collaborate with each other in the Blockchain Community Development.

On the 28-29th of May, on the Block Show in Berlin more than 80 speakers, more than 10 sponsors and a lot of other participants will do their best to reveal the topic of Blockchain and its peculiarities. For example, Blockchain technologies in economics and enterprise environment, Blockchain in marketing landscape and many others. The Block Show Oskar will be presented to the best startup 2018.
It should be mentioned, that governmental initiatives, insights from central banks and worldwide Blockchain regulations will be discussed. Many new areas, where the Blockchain technology can be used, are being discovered all the time. We are pretty much sure, that the Block Show in Berlin will push the Blockchain development forward. Just imagine, among the speakers there are such fantastic persons as: Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia), Mike Butcher (the editor-at-large at Techcrunch), Johanna Maska (CEO of Global Situation Room Inc.), Paul Puey (CEO of EdgeSecure), Olga Feldmeier (CEO of Smart Valor) and many-many others.

Merkeleon will attend this fantastic event too. We are planning to meet business-partners, new leads and friends to discuss prosperous collaboration. Therefore, don’t miss out the opportunity to hear valuable information that will definitely be useful for your Blockchain or Crypto project. Use an opportunity to talk to Merkeleon professionals as well as to get priceless advice and professional consultation. See you at the Show!!!

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