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TRON coin News: what is TRON cryptocurrency

By |May 22nd, 2018
TRON coin News: what is TRON cryptocurrency

TRX is a decentralized protocol for a global free content sharing and entertainment matters made under blockchain and distributed storage technology. The protocol allows to freely publish, store and own the information forming a decentralized content and entertainment ecosystem.

Main advantage of the TRON coin is based on the following: content providers no longer have to pay high fees/commissions to media platforms such as Google Play or Apple Store. TRON crypto allows all of its users to receive small income for sharing content such as text, images, videos, broadcasts, etc.

Mr. Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON project, was the creator of Alibaba. He is on the list of Forbes “30 under 30”, already has been there twice, and has worked on many other major projects, which allows considering that the TRX is a good, stable and very perspective project.

Key Aspects

  • Social Networking Oriented
  • Decentralized
  • Serves as Payment Network
  • Ready for Entertainment platforms
  • Data Liberation
  • Personal ICOs

General Features and TRON price

TRX has a total supply of 100 000 000 000 units and they cannot be mined. 34.2 billion US dollars in tokens are locked until January 2020, which is made specifically for increasing the TRX overall value. Where and how to buy TRON coin? Well, there are many Exchanges that already have TRX coin and you can buy and sell the token at the current TRX price. Regarding the TRON price prediction: it is impossible to make any predictions, the same situation is for any other Token or Crypto. The Rates are formed only basing on current market Ask/Offer and news speculation.


TRON has received a lot of attention as a potentially successful altcoin thanks to its ambitious roadmap. TRON opens up the possibility for people to be paid for the content and there is a huge potential for gamers looking for a decentralized entertainment platform. The unique infrastructure and perspective development plans – are the main movers and shakers for the Tron evolution. It will be interesting to see how this project evolves in the nearest future.

How interesting it could be for the Operators of new exchanges to provide traders with the opportunity to buy and sell TRON within their platforms? However, the most important point here is to understand how interesting could be the trading of this coin for traders, both beginners and professionals?

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