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A Tutorial on Cryptocurrency Liquidity

By |June 22nd, 2019
A Tutorial on Cryptocurrency Liquidity

One of the most essential aspects to any currency, be it traditional money or cryptocurrency, is liquidity. A currency that has a high level of liquidity can be spent freely without disrupting the market value. When most people think of a currency with a high level of liquidity, they think of cash, which can be spent virtually anywhere without impacting its market value. Cryptocurrency is quickly catching up to cash in terms of value, and its ability to become a liquid asset is a major factor in that.

What Does Liquidity Mean?

When people use the term crypto exchange liquidity, they refer to the ability to convert a crypto coin into cash or other cryptocurrencies with ease. The higher the liquidity on a market is, the fairer the price of the currency becomes. A highly liquid currency also makes for better market stability. Furthermore, it becomes easier to exchange the cryptocurrency for other assets, since everybody in the marketplace has a good idea of what a coin is worth. In short, crypto exchange liquidity is necessary for any cryptocurrency to survive long-term. For sellers of the coin, it means better and more consistent profits. For buyers, it means fairer prices and the knowledge that the market with remain consistent long-term.

What are the Most Liquid Exchanges?

The core of any measurement of liquidity is the ability to exchange a currency for other types of money or for goods and services. In the cryptocurrency world, that means that the most liquid crypto exchanges provide relatively stable prices, easy payment and withdrawal options, and the ability to exchange a coin for virtually any other kind of currency. Modern examples of exchanges that offer good liquidity include Binance, which does the highest volume of business today, BitMEX, and Kraken. Each of these exchanges has offerings in numerous markets, does a high volume of business, and provides many different options for both payment and withdrawal.

What is a Crypto Exchange Liquidity Provider?

Key to the market for a liquid cryptocurrency is the crypto exchange liquidity provider. Much like a liquidity provider in a more traditional stock market, the crypto exchange liquidity provider buys assets and then sells them later for a profit. The volume of business that providers do helps to establish the shape of the market for the cryptocurrency. This in turn allows the currency to be exchanged for fiat money later on. A crypto currency that lacks liquidity or does not have a liquidity provider usually lacks stability and makes doing real business with the coin difficult. Software such as Crypto Exchange Solution and Merkeleon Liquidity Solution helps to provide a secure and stable base for liquidity providers. This online marketplace software is valuable to any business which hopes to enter the crypto exchange market.

In order for cryptocurrency to enter the mainstream and becomes seen as a legitimate and stable way to do business, it needs liquidity. Crypto exchange liquidity providers are valuable individuals who can help move the market forward and create a more reliable cryptocurrency landscape for the future.

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