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Cardano Coin – technology, ADA price and perspectives

By |May 30th, 2018

Birthday of Cardano (ADA coin) we may consider year of 2015. As other coins, Cardano Cryptocurrency was created to send and receive digital assets with a possibility to make quick and safe transactions. It should also be mentioned that the main goal of Cardano (ADA coin) creation was the will of designing a reliable ecosystem that meets the requirements of users and integrates perfectly with other systems.

By itself, Cardano Crypto is a decentralized platform that provides a reliable and scalable complex programmable transaction system.

The project is based on three main components:

–        The Cardano Foundation (the founder and supervisor).

–        IOHK is an engineering company in the field of Blockchain.

–        Emurgo is in charge of commercial development.

Like the majority of new tokens, the ADA is compatible with mining and the receipt of this currency can also be effected through acquisitions from developers or trading floors. The supply is limited and is planned at a volume of 45 billion coins. In the process of formation of new blocks, some part of the crypto currency is given to the miners, and a part is sent to the Fund, which purpose is to build interaction between users of the network and developers.


The code is based on a self-developed protected Haskell language using the «DPoS» algorithm, which is called «Ouroboros». The platform is represented by several levels, which are separately responsible for transactions with Cardano and for the work of smart contracts.

Among the main advantages of ADA one can find:- High reliability and performance of the network;- Several levels of management;- High level of adaptability and network modernization via soft-forks;- Possibility to create smart contracts, including multi-level ones in the future;- System self-sufficiency;- It is easy to buy Cardano.

ADA coin price prediction

 To date, ADA is ranked 6th according to the CoinMarketCap rating with a significant volume of trades and a level of market capitalization. The average Cardano coin price is about 160 US dollars. If we consider the overall dynamics, then the demand for the ADA varies systematically. According to some experts, due to a number of positive factors, in the near future, a demand and interest in this currency will remain, which creates excellent conditions for speculative trade.

In 2019, IOHK will proceed working on the long-term scalability of ADA and expand its core capabilities. The challenge is to develop a stable and strong ecosystem that can finance and survive on its own.

Integration of ADA currency into a turnkey solution for the creation of an own crypto exchange powered by Merkeleon is planned for the coming months. If you have an interest in starting your own crypto business, you have a great opportunity to do this with a solution from Merkeleon, providing your traders with a stable platform for professional crypto-currencies trading, including the option to sell and buy Cardano coin.

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