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Ripple Coin News: Price, Rate & Technology. Is Ripple Worth Investing In 2018?

By |February 9th, 2018
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A lot of common people and professionals involved in Crypto Market are striving for new opportunities to trade and invest. One of the popular cryptos is Ripple coin, but still there are a lot to analyze and to be aware of. We get much information from the blogs, forums, articles and different publications. So what’s on “Ripple News”?

Today Ripple price is approximately 0,774551 USD, which is rather low in comparison with December 2017-January 2018 significant jump from 0,9 USD up to 2,5 USD, but the very end of January 2018 showed us a huge surge, which can be just a temporal “time-out” before a new round. Ripple exchange rate as any other coin’s rate is something you cannot predict – this is Crypto market; it is volatile and requires fast and strategic decisions to be made, when you are on trading or investment.

However, let us start from the essentials. XRP is a basic distributed infrastructure that optimizes the payment process. It is a neutral Internet-based protocol for connecting banks and payment systems. Banks can use Ripple as a common ledger to clear and settle transactions in real-time at the lowest-possible cost using the pathfinding algorithm. XRP is an open-source, distributed payment protocol that enables instant payments with low fees, no chargebacks, and currency flexibility.

Ripple technology is based on working with gateways and within the protocol; exchanges between multiple currencies can be done without any central authority to monitor them. Anyone can become a market maker, create a wallet or a gateway, or monitor network behavior. Competition drives down spreads and fees, making the network useful to everyone. Ripple network can process approximately 1500 operations per second and the funds are transferred in less than 4 seconds from wallet A to wallet B, while the fees are very low and are about 0,0004 USD for a transaction.

According to several analysts and professionals, the Ripple digital currency can be worth of 5 USD per unit in the first half of 2018 and this prediction has a full right to be true. In case of wide application of Ripple technology in Bank systems, the rate can surely reach the rate of five USD or even overcome it. Ripple circulating supply and market capitalization allowed this coin to be in the list of TOP-5 (according to CoinMarketCap).

It is better to consider Ripple digital currency not as a mean of payment for personal use, but as “Shares of a company” or a good investment. There are two important points we should keep in our heads:

  • XRP can be used as an investment-payment instrument for a wide audience of individuals
  • XRP can be used as a payment instrument within bank system

In addition, we should analyze the two main factors that can affect the XRP in 2018:

  • Availability and wide distribution on “Coinbase” crypto exchange;
  • Possible SWIFT monopoly decreasing and wider usage of Ripple for interbank transactions;

The number of interested entities and individuals is constantly growing – more and more Banks, Payment Gateways as well as Ripple exchange platform and Corporate Sector are establishing their partnerships based on XRP. There is a huge interest in adding XRP the Crypto Exchanges. Almost every single Exchange from TOP-100 has Ripple available for trading onboard.

Moreover, there are a lot of individuals and professionals that are looking for a “Ripple Exchange Software” or “Ripple Exchange script” on the Internet with a purpose to start their own exchange business. Today Ripple is “must have” coin at any Exchange and should be available for trading, if you wish to meet the needs of your clients and traders.

In the beginning of 2018, Ripple can be considered as one of the best projects in the field of crypto currency. Software developers have already created a finished product that differs from the competitors. XRP, unlike other cryptos, has a clear plan for reaching the first positions in its industry, based on real advantages…

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