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New release: autologin after verification/improved audit logs and more

By |December 6th, 2018

In this release of the crypto exchange, we have concentrated on new features, as well as on improvements of the existing functionality.

Trade button in the Personal account:

In the account, in My Balances table, there appeared Trade button (next to the buttons Deposit/Withdrawal).

On clicking Trade for a certain currency a pop-up with price info and available pairs appears.

On clicking Trade for a currency in the pop-up the user will be directed to Trade page for a requested currency.

It is getting more convenient and fast to trade, is it not?

Autologin after verification:

Now the users will not have to login after verification. The login will be automatical after following the email link sent on verification!
By default, the user will be directed to the main page of the Exchange!   (If operators need to guide users to a different page after following such a link, they can contact their managers and discuss the possible variants).
Such a solution will make the registration process for newcomers much easier, which will lead to a greater conversion and a nicer user experience.

The Integration of a liquidity bot with Bitfinex:

We have worked for quite some time to make this happen!
Now one more exchange is integrated in order to use a liquidity bot!
More opportunities for our Operators to increase liquidity on their exchange are open now.

Audit Logs improvements:

Audit logs was the greatest feature of the previous Release and now some improvements have been added to it, making it even greater

The first improvement is Event filter:

We have added to the Audit Logs autocomplete for type selector and enabled the possibility to select several types of checkboxes.

We have allowed Audit Logs for the following operations: adding a tag for a currency pair, removing the tag for the currency pair, changing the tag for the currency pair.

GDPR checkbox improvements:

Now the “Follow GDPR” checkbox set in Admin -> Settings affects not only the appearance of the checkbox “I agree to receive promotional emails” during Registration but also the display of the checkbox “I agree to receive promotional emails”.

We are proud of our two weeks work! And we are happy to share it with you!

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