New release: google analytics integration and new pairs for the Market widget

By |August 15th, 2018

Another release, another bag of features to boast. The most auxiliary modules so far on the market now live in the crypto exchange by Merkeleon.

1. Tags and currency pairs for Markets widget

Markets widget is a compass for the navigation on the exchange platform.  This widget has got an improved functional, in particular, it has acquired tags and currency pairs.

2. Integration of Google Analytics

The world-known service doesn’t spoil the cart at all. On the contrary, the integration will save your time switching between the tabs.

Let’s recall what can google analytics can bring to the operator:

• Сustomer’s session metrics.
• User’s information by device, geo, and browser.
• Cohort analysis.

3. Trading page loads faster

Now the trading page is more refined and has third-party content (provided by other services). This content can be rather extensive. In this case, the loading time is increasing.
We have improved the loading algorithm of the trading page. Now the page loads much faster.

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