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Understanding Bitcoin Exchange Rates

By |May 6th, 2019
Understanding Bitcoin Exchange Rates

When people quote a bitcoin value, they usually refer only to exchange from 1 bitcoin to USD. For the most part, that is the easiest way to understand what a bitcoin, or BTC, is worth. It is not, however, the only terminology to use when discussing the bit coin to USD value. Just like normal current, this cryptocurrency can be broken into decimals and bought or sold at smaller increments. At the moment, 1 bitcoin costs thousands of dollars, but 0.001 bitcoins are much less expensive.

Purchasing Smaller Increments

While the bitcoin USD exchange rate changes often, the cryptocurrency has been worth thousands of US dollars for years now. This can make it intimidating for people who want to buy in but don’t have the funds to purchase on bitcoin. Fortunately, a person can find a more reasonable bitcoin to dollar value by purchasing only a piece of a full bitcoin. If the current bitcoin price in USD is $8,000 for 1 bitcoin, for example, that means that the 0.01 BTC to USD rate is only $80. If an investor wanted an even lower buy-in, they could target the 0.001 BTC to USD rate of only $8. The profit margin remains the same; every time the bitcoin exchange rate improves, so do the fractions.

How Much Bitcoin to Buy at Once

After all the analysis and comparison of 1 BTC to USD, how do you know what you should buy? The answer depends on your individual finances and how much you are willing to risk. No matter what the bitcoin price in USD is, you need to treat any cryptocurrency purchase as a true investment. This means showing patience as the market improves and goes through adversity, and it also means understanding that no investment is ever without risk. With those factors in mind, it’s best to consider what you can afford and what you are likely to sell. If the rate of 1 USD to BTC seems favorable, it’s worth buying as close to 1 bitcoin as you can. While fractional BTC are more affordable, they also may be more difficult to sell to willing buyers down the line.

Learning the Trends

When seeking out the most favorable bitcoin to USD exchange rate, you should keep long-term trends in mind. Even when the market changes quickly, it still follows certain trend lines up or down. By referencing a reliable bitcoin to USD chart, you can see those trends and figure out when the BTC price in USD is rising or falling. This lets you know when it is best to buy bitcoin for a long-term investment and when a favorable BTC to USD rate says that it’s time to sell.

Converting USD to bitcoin requires a basic understanding of both currencies and what their markets look like. Stay patient, keep an eye on USD to BTC exchange rates, and remember that you can purchase a fraction of a bitcoin if needed. With this advice in mind, you should be able to invest wisely in this cryptocurrency.

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