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New release: GRPR features, 2FA code, system tests

By |July 20th, 2018
New release: GRPR features, 2FA code, system tests

To make our Exchange Platform more user-friendly, we have developed improved and effective functionalities:

1. Auto-Withdrawal and Anti-Fraud Systems.
The systems were developed to prevent the actions that can damage the exchange or be harmful to other users.

2. GDPR features.

To start working on the exchange the user shall agree with the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.
To proceed with the exchange the user shall accept the Cookie Policy.

3. Order cancellation

This release has very useful functionality which allows the operator to cancel the current orders.

4. The payment system has additional validation for withdrawal

In this release, we have implemented additional support aiming at currencies with the different set of decimals after comma while the user withdraws money.

5. 2FA code

If the operator wants to block a trader, he should input the 2FA code.

6. The option to sort balances by ISO

The user can filter currencies by the code in alphabetical forward or backward order.

6. The System’s tests

We have done the great work of improving the speed of work on the exchange. Now, Merkeleon exchanges can work at higher speed with high loads.

7. New languages.
Now the platform supports Chinese and Greek languages.

8. Faster processing
The speed of the exchange has improved. When the trader changes a market via the market widget, the exchange displays information instantly.

9. Facebook Pixel support
We have implemented a Facebook Pixel. Currently, the operator can use this tool for Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Research.

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